Saturday, June 8, 2013

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Nikos London Nursery.

Hi Blogger fam.

So I am officially full term- 38 weeks and 1 day to be exact. I could technically go into labor at anytime and Niko would be just fine.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my birth plan. I want(ed) completely natural, no pain relief, no inducing drugs, being able to labor in water, delaying the clamping of the cord... You get the picture- NATURAL!!!  Well, all that seems to rapidly be going out the window as Niko is still in a breech position and has been for some time. Theres numerous reason as to why he could be breech other than that he's just comfortable.  If you read my story on my Journey to becoming pregnant you may remember me mentioning that my Uterus is the shape of a Heart. Well, this could play a big part in why Niko cant turn head down.  I also have Scoliosis- which is a curvature of the spine- this could be another reason since my spine in the shape of an S and may have effected my pelvic area also causing him to stay Breech. Whatever the reason is- it is.

Now, there are a number of ways that you can try to turn the baby while he's still in the womb. One is known as ECV- External Cephalic Version

             "External cephalic version, or version, is a procedure used to turn a fetus from a breech position or side-lying (transverse) position into a head-down (vertex) position before labor begins. When successful, version makes it possible for you to try a vaginal birth.
Version is done most often before labor begins, typically around 36 to 37 weeks. Version is sometimes used during labor before the amniotic sac has ruptured. This can be a good time to use version, when labor is constantly monitored and a cesarean delivery (C-section) can be done right away if needed. But the chance to do the version can be lost if labor speeds up or the amniotic sac ruptures.
A scheduled cesarean is used to deliver most breech births if a version doesn't work."

After watching some videos of ECV being done with my husband and reading up about it, we decided against trying to manipulate him to move. The risks just didn't seem worth it to me.

Ive read that theres other natural ways such as acupuncture and chiropractors and even a website called - which I have tried some of there exercises and suggestions but still no luck.  I am a big believer in "Whats meant to be will be", and at this point Im letting nature take its course.

Now, I am no new comer to surgeries however having a C section is MAJOR surgery- one of which I have never had before and the thought of it does scare me. Being that I have scoliosis the thought of a needle going into my spine FREAKS the crap out of me. Also the fact that they are cutting into a major organ... Im just scared.

After having my 38 week check up and speaking to my Dr after confirming that Niko is indeed still Breech he told me my options.
1- Trying Versions to try to get him to turn head down
2. Wait till he comes on his own and hope by then he has turned
3. Schedule a C section at a time where we are both mutually happy and hope better for the next time.

Since Versions is out- completely, my other option was to just wait it out and hope he turns.
The only issue I'm having with that is how much water my body is retaining and the fact that there is no guarantee he's going to turn and if I do go into labor naturally and he is still breech Ill need to have an emergency C section. Sure its normal to retain water and swell up at this point of pregnancy, but my body is extreme for whatever reason. I have developed carpal tunnel in my knuckles and what feels like my feet as well- if thats even possible. My ankles = NON existent. My feet are so swollen even my uggs wont go on. My face is swelling, my thighs get so inflamed sometimes that I cant even walk. I have tried compression stockings, elevating my feet- nothing is helping. My Dr said I'm one of the 30% of woman who experience extreme swelling of their extremities without developing Preeclampsia- but the excessive swelling is often an indication of just that. And I also have pitting edema- where my ankles and feet will keep my finger prints like a temper pedic mattress if I push on them. So needless to say, my dr , Alki and myself all felt comfortable with planning a C section due to Niko being breech and having a relaxed experience rather than having it be a rushed emergency. 

What is Preeclampsia- "Pre-eclampsia or preeclampsia is a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure and significant amounts of protein in the urine of a pregnant woman. If left untreated, it can develop into eclampsia, the life-threatening occurrence of seizures during pregnancy.
There are many different causes for the condition. It appears likely that there are substances from the placenta that can causeendothelial dysfunction in the maternal blood vessels of susceptible women.[1] While blood pressure elevation is the most visible sign of the disease, it involves generalised damage to the maternal endotheliumkidneys, and liver, with the release ofvasoconstrictive factors being a consequence of the original damage.
Pre-eclampsia may develop from 20 weeks' gestation (it is considered early onset before 32 weeks, which is associated with an increased morbidity). Its progress differs among patients; most cases are diagnosed before labor typically would begin. Pre-eclampsia may also occur up to six weeks after delivery. Apart from Caesarean section and induction of labor (and therefore delivery of the placenta), there is no known cure. It is the most common of the dangerous pregnancy complications; it may affect both the mother and fetus"

So that leaves me with having to get a C section even though Im completely terrified (selfishly) of a possible horrible scar and having to wait even longer to get back into the gym. My dr said his scars are usually really small at about the hair line but because NIko is breech he needs to make the incision a bit bigger so the baby's head does not get stuck :(
At this point Niko is just fine, and I go for weekly check ups with my Dr. But as of last week Alki and I decided that we would schedule a C section for June 12th at 11am unless Niko decided to come sooner- which of course if still breech would mean a c section anyway. He's been monitored bi weekly for months and his position has not changed.

So there you have it - Ill be having my baby June 12th at 11am London time due to a breech baby and excessive swelling and avoiding an emergency c section. Ill be 38.5 weeks.

Am I disappointed???? So, So.  Im not really disappointed, Ive kept an open mind about the whole process the entire time and this is life- and thats why having a birth PLAN is just that... a plan. But I worried that I would be missing out on "that moment". I worried I wouldn't be able to breast-feed , I worried Id miss out on the bonding of skin to skin, and that made me really sad. BUT- I did some research and spoke to my Dr and theres hope for my worries!!!

My C Section Birth Plan-

My concern- Can my husband still cut the umbilical cord? 
Docs answer- In theory, yes. Since everything is sterile over and around my body the Dr has to do the initial cut. But he will leave enough room that the midwife can take the baby over to Alki and Alki can cut in between the clamps.

My concern- Can I still have the bonding time and skin to skin right after he is born.
Docs answer- Yes, after the baby is taken and semi cleaned they will bring Niko to me and place him on my chest covered with a blanket since the surgery room is quite cold. I will need to tell the midwives the plan and not to wipe down his hands at the small and "gunk" on his hands will help guide him to my breast for breastfeeding (I've read)

My concern- Will I still be able to breastfeed?
Docs Answer- every person is different but just bc you have a c section vs a natural birth does not mean your milk will not come in- so essentially yes.

My concern- Theres  no way to delay the cord clamping
Docs Answer- NO- in a c section you cannot delay the clamping of the cord. So I have chosen to bank his cord blood and stem cells instead.

So with all of that being said I dont feel like I'm Missing out as much as I did before.

My Placenta Pills !!!!

I am still having my placenta turned into pills that I will take after Niko is born and I am even going as far as to having a shake made then and there in the hospital with a piece of my placenta RAW- a placenta smoothie. Please  see my older post about cord clamping and placenta pills to read more about my decision to do this.

In the UK I found the IPEN network and chose a placenta specialist from there -

What I used to prevent stretch marks.
Many will argue that it comes down to genetics, and while I agree I do still think that it is important to use lotions and keep your skin moisturized and that it does help in preventing dry itchy skin, and possibly stretch marks as well.. So here is what I did.
I went on amazon and ordered a bunch of all natural and raw butters.
-Raw cocoa butter
-Coconut oil
-Mango Butter
-Aloe Butter
-Shea Butter
I put some of the hard butters in a bowl and melted first in the microwave to soften it up first. Then I added everything into a pot on my stove and heated it up until they all became oil. I mixed them all together and then poured the mix back into containers and popped them in the fridge. When cold the natural butter will harden but when warm it becomes soft and sometimes even back into an oil form. I used an old glass Jam jar and kept it by my bedside and applied day and night. I truly believe that this did help in preventing stretch marks from appearing on my body. From a 23" waist to a 45"+ waist I have not 1 stretch mark. I do have a few on my butt and I believe its because I forgot to lotion my butt while doing my belly, boobs and hips in the 1st and 2nd trimester. Who knows- but there it is. I have so much left over Im actually going to buy glass jars and give some away to my friends who are expecting.
If you're pregnant and would like a jar please leave a comment and if I have enough I will gladly send you one :) IT even smells yummy from the raw cocoa *thumbs up*.

Recent Preggo Pics

37 weeks rocking my Have Faith Swimgerie bikini.
Look how swollen my hands are!

London <3

My Stokke Xplory stroller. Obsessed. Thanks mom

Hand made goodies by me for Niko <3

Mineral Fusion nail polish ! All natural vegan and clear of all toxic chemicals!! Great for during your pregnancy and after

My Hospital bag is from . I bought alki a simple Nike bag. I will be doing a video of whats in our hospital bags soon :)

Last but not least, Ive been asked repeatedly how much weight I have gained. I know I dont really look like I gained a lot - BUT I HAVE!!!!! Much much MUCH more than I ever thought I would. I have no pigged out during my pregnancy, I didnt eat junk food or candy, no sweets.... I didnt work out either though. With the move from California to London in the mid of a horrible winter here, not knowing anyone here in London, not knowing my way around and being pregnant I just wasnt motivated. I did light cardio at a gym near my house , light weights but barely enough to really say " I worked out" and I did stairs- since our home in London is 5 floors. But my entire pregnancy I always felt swollen in my hands, and once the 3rd trimester hit my body just went crazy with water retention.  Alki and I would like to have 3 kids together so I hope to god that my next pregnancies wont be like this. I do believe that if I was home in California, in my element with my friends and family things would have been different. BUT, I wont regret anything bc Niko has been healthy and has had no problems this entire pregnancy and for that Im so grateful. SO anyway- I am going to post my weight the day I go into the hospital. I started at about 115lbs give or take.

I have also been asked if I have nannies and help. Since Im living in London and do not have any of my friends or family to help alki and I have hired a Maternity nurse who will be with us for 8 weeks and then turn into a nanny until we go back to California after the holidays. She is vegetarian- and so up my alley. Into all natural remedies, products and clean eating lifestyle. Im very lucky to have found her.

My mom and brother will be coming out soon after Im out of the hospital since everyone has to take off from work to be here it would be a waste if they came while I was still admitted, although I would have loved to have "that experience" with all my family and friends in the waiting room... Theres always next time

Sorry if this post is all over the place. Im trying to get as much as I can in here as fast as I can because I rapidly feel my feet and hands swelling and I can't type on the computer while laying on my back with my feet up lol.

I am also going to post and document my postnatal recovery, weight loss and body.

Wish me luck <3

I post little videos regularly in Keek, Socialcam and Vine so look me up @Jenniferstano

My California Nursery
Having houses in different places means numerous places to furnish. Our London home is completely different from our California or our home in Greece , all of which need to be furnished for the baby and future babies, so I wanted to share with you my Nursery Set/ inspiration for California. This will be his main nursery which my mom treated Alki, Niko and myself to. Thank you ma, I love you. Niko is such a lucky little boy.

All of the furniture is from Restoration Hardware. They have the cutest sets and I just love the new distressed grey color of this set. They also have the best stuffed animals !!!

To create a life with the person I love more than anything will be my greatest achievement.
I love you forever moro mou


  1. Hi Jen!

    Love, love, love how honest you always are! I wish all the best to you and your family, I really think you and Alki made the right decision when it comes to scheduling a C-section, it's better not to risk having to deal with any complications.

    I am at the beginning of my 2nd month of pregnancy (we haven't even told anyone yet :)), and I would really like to try your strech mark oil! However, would you be willing to send it in another country in Europe or is it limited to the UK only?



  2. Good luck Jen, can't wait to see him! :)

  3. Why not wait and see if he turns? Just looked up a video on youtube of a normal c-section and am Horrified! I only wonder how much bigger they are going to cut for you! The slice is enormous. Hopefully it doesnt stick out too much when you wear bikinis, you might regret it. Well, GOOD LUCK!

    1. Well this is rude! If she gets a stretch mark so What?! Just because she is beautiful and a fashionista doesn't mean she is vain enough to regret having a scar that she got from giving birth to her child!

  4. Hi Jennifer!
    This post is fantastic. Thank you for being so open, I share many of the same concerns and questions. I am 29 weeks and moving along. I would be very interested in the cream you created. I have taken down the directions to attempt it myself. Wishing you a happy, healthy delivery.


    Rachel A.

  5. Hi Jen! I'd love some miracle stretch mark cream. Best wishes with your birth.


  6. OMG Jeen! i wish you the best I'm sure everything is going to be alright!!
    Be positive above all. If you believe it it will be
    I can't wait to meet the little prince

    Lots of love!!!

  7. I would like to try some of your oil its amazing how much thought abd care you are taking to take care of yourself and your unborn baby ive had a csection the scar is hardly noticeable but the healing process is long but take it easy otherwise it will be longer :( i hope to have a vbac next. Congratulations :)

  8. How exciting! You will finally be meeting baby niko in just a few days! I will be sending lots of positive thoughts your way and I hope you have a safe delivery! You look so gorgeous pregnant, and I'm definitely curious to see how much weight you've gained, lol! I gained 50 with my first but I lost all 50 and an extra 9 pounds and was the skinniest, best shape, from Pilates plus, I has ever been in!! Good luck girl! Can't wait for the new swimsuits to come out too, I've been looking everyday:)

  9. Thank you for sharing this with us! You are always so open and seem so sincere and helpful, I'm a huge fan. I can't wait to for you to have baby Niko come out!!

    I would also love to try your stretch mark oil! I'm willing to pay, too, so please send me an invoice at: thank you!

  10. I love how positive you're staying throughout all of the adversities you've faced. My pregnancy went perfectly. Little weight gain, no swelling, healthy and active baby boy as well. He turned and was in great position. I started labor at 3:45 am and made it to 5 cm before begging for an epidural. From there I progressed to a 10 seamlessly and began pushing with the help of my sweet husband and nurses. After 2 hours of not much progress, Owen just couldn't make it through my pelvic opening. It was 9:45 pm by this time and I was spent. The doctor, my husband, and I decided on cesarean so that Owen wouldn't be in a prolonged stress state. He was here by 10:20 pm. He had a bowel movement while I was in labor so they had to work to clean that from his airway, etc. and he was having trouble maintaining his body temperature and blood sugar levels so they kept him in the nursery until 2 am. Talk about tough for momma!!! Fast forward to 4 months later and my sweet boy and I have an unbreakable bond. We did lots of skin on skin the next day with a lactation nurse and I successfully nursed for 3 months before getting severe mastitis. He's strong, smart, and healthy. And I pray that you and your family have a wonderful experience on the 12th and have as many blessing as my son and I do. Good luck! I adore your blog and how open and down to earth you are. You are inspiring.

  11. Dear Jen I was actually in labor when I first saw your special and ever since I always follow your twitter and blog. You are such a beautiful person and wish you so much luck with your baby. I would like to see if I could try some of your lotion since with my pregnancy I have been left with several strecthmarks throughout my body.

  12. Hi jen! I hope you have a great delivery i am wishing you the best! I am trying to get pregnant so your blogging has been very inspirational. May i ask how is your belly piercing cause i took mine out and some people have been telling me to have surgery and have it sewn together before i get pregnant. Lots of love!

  13. Hi Jennifer,

    I also know how lonely it can be at times when you're pregnant and in a different country away from everyone, I had my little boy in Vietnam and I am from the UK. Like Niko he was always very healthy and he continues to be so to this day.

    I have just found out I am expecting again - very early stages though so we are moving back to the UK in a few months which I cannot wait for. I would also love to try out your stretch mark oil if you have any going spare!

    I wish you all the best for your c-section my labour was the most amazing experience of my life. Words can't describe the feeling when you see your baby's face for the first time.

    All the best to you and your beautiful family


  14. Hello Jen!

    I have been following your journey for quite sometime now, remember reading about your wedding like it was yesterday! A little creepy but honest :) I am so excited for you to share baby Niko with me and the rest of the world

    I found out about a month ago I was pregnant and after following your blog I have felt like you have helped me get through the last month, as weird as that might be! I would love to try your little concoction you made but that's only if you have enough to send whoever I is, don't want to be greedy :)


  15. Wishing you best of luck in your delivery!!! I am a Labor and delivery nurse/lactation counselor. You most definitley will be able to breastfeed. All of your concerns are perfectly normal (signs of a good mama-to be!!)

    After trying for a very long time (one miscarriage) we just found out we are expecting!! I would love to try the stretch mark oil!

    Very excited for you wishing you the best!

  16. Hi jennifer! Im in love with you! Ive been following you on ig through every step of your pregnancy. I am 23 weeks pregnant (every saturday is a new week for me) with a baby girl. I would love to try your stretch mark creation. Sounds really easy and amazing! Are you willing to send to San Diego ? Please let me know XoXo

    Nicole Monique

  17. I I enjoy reading your posts so much. My son is now eight months, but while I was pregnant I developed preeclampsia & although I know you don't have it, I know how uncomfortable the sweeping can be. It changed my whole pregnancy. I was always tired and knew something wasn't right because of how much weight I was gaining. When I turned 37 weeks, I was sent to the hospital to be induced. I was dilating but my sons heartbeat was decreasing, which led to an emergency c section. My blood pressure was so high the dr was scared I would have a seizure. The procedure was preformed all in less than ten minutes. It was the scariest day of my entire life, but at the end it was all worth it.
    I know it's a long post, by my point is that I admire you scheduling a c-section, it's always better to be safe. I hope everything comes out great & wish you the best Jennifer! Xo

  18. Just in reading your blog I know that you'll be an amazing mom :) as a teacher, I am thankful for dedicated parents.

  19. I just had my second c-section now 10 days ago.. My first was an emerg because my daughter was in distressed and almost died. I can tell you that I was so disappointed in myself because I didn't have her naturally I feel into depression for just over 2 yrs I was a reck.. I did end up with the nastiest stretch marks that happened when I was 38.5 wks and no matter how much oils and lotions creams I used they still came not to mention I gained over 70 lbs with her... Now just under 5 yrs later I welcomed another beautiful baby girl into our lives. Another c-section but this time was planned.

  20. Good luck! I had a c-section and it was a positive experience. Way less scary than expected and very easy recovery. i showered and blow dried my hair the next morning AND I stopped taking all drugs except Advil after 3 days. I was able to breast feed and have skin to skin right after the surgery. I'm sorry you can't go natural but a c-section doesn't have to be a bad experience. I also had extreme swelling and carpal tunnel- not fun at all!!!!

    It will all be worth it once Niko is here. Congrats and good luck!

  21. I was 37.5 with this pregnancy. When I was getting off the wheel chair and onto the table my water ended up breaking. What are the chances of that! Whatever happens will happen. We never anticipate what the outcome of our birthing experience. All we can do is hope for the best and pray for a safe delivery which ever way god decides for our delivery... Just enjoy the remaining of it embarrass the fact you are carrying such a precious gift.. Before you know it your beautiful son is here
    Good luck :)

  22. Who to the maternity photo above? It's absolutely gorgeous.

  23. Honest, candid and beautiful as always Jen. I feel for you having to go through such extreme body changes - i.e. the water, even though its only water I know how horrible it feels to be swollen :( once you have baby Niko that will just drop right off your body though :) remember to drink lots of water yourself because that will let your body know that you are properly hydrated and then it will release all the water its holding onto.
    I wish you all the best for a smooth birth and I cannot wait to see a pic of baby Niko. It sounds like you will make a really beautiful mother xx

  24. Hi Jennifer! I'm a future first time mama, 22 weeks pregnant and have been following your blog for any advice! You seem so informed on all levels of things I have an interest in, especially in "the natural way". I appreciate your sincerness and dedication to this AMAZING blog.
    I have picked up your ingredients on your stretch mark cream recepie and hoping to replicate it! I would also like to have some of ''Jennifer Stanos very own cream'. That'd add a personal touch of remembrance during my first pregnancy.
    I wish you, your husband and family the very Best and many blessings in this new journey.
    Much love,
    Gris L.

  25. Hi Jen,

    Not sure if you read these comments but I wanted to say thanks for sharing your story! I am a mommy to two wonderful little boys. My first was a vaginal birth and my second a C- Section. (Not planned of course). I have to say, I don't know anyone more afraid of that kind of stuff more than me and let me tell you, It's honestly not that bad at all! I really didn't have time to be scared because they came in the room and said we need to go in for surgery. My husband was like, when? The doctor said now lol..Yup, it was THAT quick haha.. So I had no time to panic or anything.

    The needle is not as bad as you would think. It's really like a pinch and then sort of a weird feeling after that but it's over in about 30 seconds. As for the surgery, I was wide awake and did not feel a thing (not even the "tugging" feeling that the dr said I would feel). I went in for surgery at 6:00 PM and my son was born at 6:25 PM, it's a very quick procedure and I promise it's not scary! Having my husband by my side made it very easy.

    The only issue I had is that I cannot handle any type of anesthesia, so basically I got sick before, during and after my surgery lol, not fun but not the worst thing that could happen either... I also want to let you know that the scar is not bad at all!! It's SO small, it will also be below the bikini line so you won't even see it (unless you're naked of course). I would say my scar is about 3" across and very low! (This was 2 years ago and I can barely even see it anymore, it's also super thin). I plan to have one more and once you have a C-Section you 90% of the time need to have another one. VBAC's are possible but I'd probably prefer not to take that risk.

    My husband and I also banked our sons cord blood. I think you are making a wise choice because you never know when the baby or an immediate family member could benefit from it. We have a motto, If we never need it, it will be the best money we ever wasted!! It's nice to know it's there though.

    I wish you both the best and I hope everything goes smoothly for you when your big day arrives! Don't be scared, it will be over before you know it and it's all worth it in the end!!


  26. Beautiful and honest blog.youre so humble niko is so lucky to have such a beautiful mommy who's all about him and his safety.i truly admire you so much. I love how you still cared for others that's extremely generous of you. I know god will be with you and you've a loving husband by your side a new chapter is about to start its ok to be scared but it's not as bad you're so blessed to know the date I had a emergency c section too and you're right better calm than rushed also the 12 is a very special day for me ( every 12 is my sweet angel anniversary she's in heaven) and I know god has better plans for me . You'll do so great just have faith and be excited cus soon you'll have him in your arms and the c section scar won't stay trust me you won't see it at all! You've a healthy lifestyle recovery don't be as bad . Sending you many many blessings and can't wait to see your beautiful niko ' I've watched your pregnancy since day one and it's a honor to see how your dream is becoming a reality.also if its possible it'll mean so much to have a little of the stretch mark lotion here's my number & email if you decide to share some with me :) cell (305)335-1884 ( Florida cell ) & email . Thank you so much & ill keep you oh my prayers . Enjoy every minute cus it's so worth it !!! You've lots of us that even tho we don't personally know you we feel like we do and we've grown to truly care for you! Xo

  27. Hi Jennifer,
    I would love to try your stretch mark cream. I am just entering my 3rd trimester with a little Prince as well! I too plan on having a natural birth but like you said it is a plan and they don't always go accordingly. You and your husband sound like you have made the best decision for both you and the baby. Everything will work out! My email is thank you! And the best of luck. I look forward to reading your birth story and more.
    I am not super religious but I hope you find this comforting.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Xoxo

  28. Hi I just wanted to sincerely thank you for taking the time to share your pregnancy story. You have been a WEALTH of information from A to Z. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and have been following your journey since you first posted on IG. I thought I had done a lot of research on the topic of pregnancy/delivery but you have opened me up to so much more. Now I have a midwife and plan on a natural birth with delayed cord clamping (thanks to you). I am also prepapred for my birth "plan" to change if need be. Especially after learning what you have been going through and the decisions you needed to make. I applaud you on being so brave , caring and open with your journey and decisions. Despite the fact that you have been scrutinized by strangers along the way, you have not lost sight of what's important!!
    All the best to you. You deserve all the happiness. xx

  29. You look stunning and I don't see any bloating at all! I wish you and your husband the best and can't wait to see pics of Niko!

    XO Alex

  30. Good luck Jennifer. You have been such a lovely person throughout your pregnancy even while enduring all these hardships with swelling etc. so I truly believe Niko's birth will be pleasant and peaceful. You have good karma ;)

  31. I pray the smoothest delivery for you and that you don't miss a thing! It has been so cool to watch this process that you've shared! Thank you for all of the tips! SO appreciated!! I will be praying for you, alki and niko on the 12th! You are such a warrior!

  32. You are so personable, open and honest. Very endearing qualities to have indeed. I hope the best for you and your little growing family <3 Birth is scary, and a c-section is even scarier!!! My original plan was EXACTLY like yours, water birth, leaving the cord attached, no drugs, etc... and BAM! Everything changed in the delivery room. I bawled my eyes out when I had to have an emergency c-section. You're blessed to have had time to mentally prepare. Don't you dare for one second think this makes you less of a woman because you didn't go the "all natural way" if anything you're MORE of a wonderful mother because you're doing what is best for you and your baby! Getting him here safely and into a stress free environment is what is most important. May God bless you and your family! Cherish every tear that rolls down your cheek when you hear your babies first cries behind that blue curtain!! Welcome to the Mommy Club! Xoxo


  33. Hey Jennifer. When my mother was pregnant with my sister she said she was experiencing pain because my sister was breech and it was difficult to sleep some times. My grandmother told her to tell my father to place his hands on the belly (on the sides softly) and move them down like giving a massage so my sister could turn, and she did. I don't know if it will work for you, I hope it does. I wish you the best. -Rasy

  34. Hi Jen,

    I loved reading your story! Wish you nothing but humble love and light, Congratulations to both of you!

    My bun is cooking, recently found out and the morning sickness is AWFUL :(

    Stay brave Jennifer, God is carrying you beautiful. I too would love to sample your oil. I live in NJ, USA.



  35. Hi Jen :)
    I just wanted to say, I think you are so beautiful pregnant. I have one son who just turned 2, and I can totally relate to your pregnancy! It's difficult, but as I'm sure you've heard, soooooo worth it! I also wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed following your blog as well as IG. You are so honest and "real", it's a wonderful thing. Enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy (weird as it sounds, you will miss the feeling of him inside)...although I much rather have my son in my arms! Lol! I wish you and your family the best, health and happiness. God bless.

  36. Hi Jen,

    i have been following you since you announced you are pregnant...i was hoping for my baby too,so here I am...13weeks..feeling so blessed and happy...
    I dont usually follow celebrities,but since I red your posts,and posts on instagram i thought you are different than others...and you are very honest,grateful and you reply to your fans...i like your style,i love the way you look,but the most i love the way you are...

    I am wishing you a lot of luck, to you and alki...and very soon your baby niko......
    Dont be affraid of have gone through 9monts of pregnancy,and this is the start of a new adventure...

    I am looking forward of meeting baby niko...wish you a lots of good luck...

    Xoxoxoxo from croatia
    Jelena A.

    P.s.i would also like if I could try your oil for strech marks..thnx

  37. Jennifer,

    I wanted to go all natural but in the end just didn't work that way. I will tell you that my c-section was not bad at all. I was not nauseous and I only felt the movement of the doctor, no pain. The epidural was painless I didn't feel it at all. My scar is small- about 4 inches long and thinner then a string of yarn. I will say that after my c-section I hurt pretty badly. I couldn't stand up straight for about 72 hours. If you are worried about your milk coming in I recommend pumping now to stimulate your breasts. My daughter and I bonded wonderfully and she is the perfect baby. Never cries. So don't worry that your delivery can effect their personality. (Some say a stressful delivery equals a stressful baby). Best of luck with everything. You are gorgeous as always :)

  38. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for writing detailed posts on your pregnancy. Since no two pregnancies are the same it's nice to see what your thoughts and processes are. I, too, had a birth plan that had to be adjusted slightly but not as major as your case. I am now pregnant with my second baby (I'm currently 21 weeks) and am interested in your homemade stretchmark concoction! If you do have any leftover I would be interested! Thanks again for sharing your journey and you are an inspiration to a lot of women!

    Wishing you the best,

  39. Wish you the best of luck. You have been my idol since I found out you were pregnant, I have gotten a lot of tips from you for my own pregnancy (now 7 months) ill keep trading your post as I think I might be having a csection as well due to a low placenta and am freaking!! >.< anyways good luck I know you won't need it.. your strong girly! :*

  40. Hi Jen, love your post! Helps me reading up on someone who's just a bit ahead of me. I'm 30 weeks / 7.5 mths and am interested in trying your cream. If you have extra, please send it this way! Best of luck with your birth!

  41. I would love some oil as well! You are such an inspiration. I think you are making all the right decisions!! Everything will be great. Can you tell us more about what you've been eating? Also, I live in the U.S. if you will mail here :)

  42. love your post! i am 30 weeks pregnant and interested in trying your lotion. best of luck on wed!

  43. I wish you a safe and a success c-section, I'm truly inspired by your journey.. You did a great job , I've learned soooo much from you! Some things I did not knew about !! Thank you for sharing <3

    I just found yesterday that i'm almost five weeks pregnant and I already took notes from your blog from birth planning to nursery.. I really wish you a happy life with Alki and many healthy sisters and brothers to Niko.

    I am so thankful, all the love from Saudi Arabia.. Ps: I wish I can meet you in person when ever you come to Dubai " our neighbors " lol



  44. Hi Jennifer,

    I love how honest and down to earth you are. I always enjoy your posts! I am so type-A I will be having scheduled c-sections when/if I do decide to have children! I'm sorry your birth plan didn't go as planned but I'm sure it will still be a beautiful and wonderful experience. You and your husband make a beautiful couple. Wish you the best and can't wait to see what your little prince looks like!


  45. I'd love to give my best friend some of your cream. She's into her first pregnancy and terrified of getting stretch marks.
    I respect your honesty and I'm sure you'll get your natural birth with your next.
    Good luck!

  46. Don' t worry Jennifer! I had an emergency c section with my first boy. (Not because he was breech but was just way too high up and my body just would't respond well to my contractions..not even after extra meds etc ). Second boy last year i had through planned c section (same reason...he was up so high and i didn't even have contractions. This was the only was out)
    I am so happy i did this. Best for my boy! I recovered well....much better than after my emergency c section. My and my hubby were happy not to have to stress and being more mentally prepared when we had the c section planned.
    As for the will lighten so much that you will barely notice.
    Personally i dont look at it as a "scar scar" but as a scar of love..the door to life for my boys. I am sure you will feel the same!
    My advice: do not stress about not being able to go to the gym so early. Take it easy and you will feel when your body is ready. What is the big difference if starting f e 8 weeks later? Not so much. Just do not start too early. Even though your skin on your tummy might have healed..all the inner layers underneath..who have been cut as well are very sensitive. You will feel the scars inside of you stretching.
    As for breast feeding: i was able to do it after my emergency section but not after my planned one. So be it! You gave it your all but nature decides. Your boy will grow up into a beautiful healthy man even if you arent able to breastfeed. Dont feel less of a mom. Your baby will still love you! ;)
    Best of luck!
    Greetings from Sweden from Angela

  47. hai jenn!

    I wish you good luck! Probely I will be thinking of you Wednesday since me and my husband going to London tomorrow till Thursday. For your scar you can use calendulan cream,arnica cream, and bach flower remedies rescue cream.The last one I even use as a face cream. I hope you can have a c cection that just your legs etc are sleeping
    so you can still hear the baby cry when they take him out of your belly. anyways good luck!

  48. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for sharing your posts here on your blog during your pregnancy. Also, I absolutely love your IG posts, especially of your pregnancy updates but also your sewing projects/crochet/knitting for Baby Niko are my favorite, too! It's very motivating/inspiring for me- I have already crocheted two small baby blankets (3 including one for a girlfriend, and 2 for me!) and I can't wait until I can buy a sewing machine, (hopefully very soon) so I can start making burp cloths/blankets/bibs/etc. It's addicting!

    It's awesome that you are from White Plains/Westchester... I love to shop there when I can!

    I'm sure that everything will go well on the 12th for you, and beautiful Baby Niko will be in your arms before you know it! How exciting!

    I'd definitely love to try it if you still have jars of your homemade butter available! It sounds amazing- I really hope to not get stretch marks!

    Best wishes for you & your family from here in New York <3

  49. Good luck! Everything is going to be ok! You are healthy and had a healthy routine for a long time before. Nikos will born a healthy and beautiful boy! Looking forward to read the magazines in Greece, who will write about David family landed @ Spetses this summer with handsome Niko, and beautifull Jennifer walking with the trendy Stokke Xplory to Spetses near see.
    Good luck from my heart and thank you for all the advices for the "moms to be" = we are waiting more advices and of course your post how you lost your kilos after pregnancy, diet + workout routine.
    Dora from Greece

  50. I am exactly at the second month and nobody knows it yet...thanks for the infos, i will order from Amazon and do it case you have more advices, please share!
    Dora from Greece!!!

  51. Ahh soo exciting!! :D Good luck. I can't wait to see what baby Niko looks like! I'm sure he is going to be gorgeous. I hope everything goes well for you also and it's not too uncomfortable :) My friend just had a ceaserian and she said it is harder to get moving but now 3 months later she's walking 20+ miles a week to get the baby weight off :)
    Laura x

  52. Hello jen!!

    You're almost there and i loved reading your yourney.
    you're very inspiring and i learned a lot during your pregnancy!
    Can't wait till we all can meet baby niko!
    and now i can tell i'm pregnant with my first child too and i'm soo exited, almost 9 weeks now the time flies.
    Almost can't believe you have no stretchmarks, and i would love to try your oil!

    Wish you, Alki and baby Niko the best!


  53. Aw I'm so excited for you! You are just days away from holding your little miracle that will forever change your life. I just had my little girl in January and I also ended up with a c section due to high blood pressure. I was also terrified but really it is not bad and the only thing you will remember about the experience is the sheer joy of seeing your baby for the first time. I was also worried about the scar, the gym, the spinal...same as you but I promise you you don't need to worry about any of that. The scar will be so low and only visible to you. Six weeks without the gym will be easy because you will not want to leave that sweet boy at first! And trust me so much of the weight comes off without even trying. The spinal doesn't even hurt and is so quick, and I'm a whimp!

    So don't worry just enjoy the amazing experience! Can't wait to see his little face on IG. God Bless xo

  54. Hey!

    Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and life with us :-) It has been inspiring and great to read all the tips, research you have done etc...

    I truly wish you all the best & will be thinking of you & sending positive wibes your way on 12th June!!! I have faith & belief that all will be well.
    My friend had a scheduled C Section (due to baby being breach) 10 days before her due date and she now has a healthy baby girl Florence who is breast fed :-))
    If there is one positive thing about a C Section then it's that babies will go through less trauma than travelling down the vaginal canal and C Section babies often come out looking perfectly rosy and less scrunched up if that makes sense :-))
    Of course natural is better in many other ways but what is meant to be will be. You've got to look for the positive in all situations x

    I would love some of your natural butter by the way.

    Much love, Jana x

  55. Hi Jennifer,
    I am new to your blog after a girlfriend suggested to check it out after she saw Nico was breech.
    We had our first baby February 26th and she was a breech by Cesarean. After reading your latest post, feels like parts I could have written myself and I walked a very similar journey.

    By the grace of God, we got pregnant the first time we tried, and I was blessed with a very easy pregnancy, although during the second half I too had the terrible swelling/edema/weight gain but was not pre-eclampstic. Around week 33, my doctor did an ultrasound just to check her position (he had been telling me all along she was head down) and saw that she was breech. I was devastated as I too wanted to do all those things you wanted in your birth plan as well (minus the placenta!). My doctor assured me she would turn as most babies do, and prescribed acupuncture with moxa and showed my husband how to do it, as well as all the spinning baby techniques. I began doing EVERYTHING on every list how to get a breech to move, I became obsessed and engulfed in getting her to move. Each week I would get another ultrasound to check her position and my attempts were futile. We are overseas military stationed in Okinawa so our access is limited, but I found an American chiropractor and begged him to do the Webster technique on me even though he only had about 50% success. I too have about 10 degrees of scoliosis, and he worked magic on me and was able to open up my pelvis and make room in my uterus(which knocked out a lot of swelling, HIGHLY recommend it to anyone pregnant!). I saw him for 3 visits and then at week 37, I opted for the ECV. I knew it was a long shot after I had faithfully and diligently planked, tilted, inverted, walked, poked, prodded, music, iced, etc. with no success. I was warned of the risks of an ECV, especially with an anterior placenta (the doc was pushing right next to my placenta/on top of it) but I couldn't accept the Cesarean just yet. God kept asking, "do you trust me?", the whole time.

    The ECV was AWFUL, BRUTAL & BARBARIC.I had no medication whatsoever for it because my heart rate was too elevated & this doctor didn't use epidurals for the procedure. I am so glad you are not doing it. I was screaming to Jesus, and my husband almost threw up seeing my stomach compressed nearly a foot down with the outline of the baby. The doctor attempted 3 times (his max) and it was traumatic to say the very least. I was extremely sore, bruised & tender for days afterwards. After the ECV, I finally came to terms with my Cesarean and was able to begin being at peace that I had done everything to get her to move.

    With that said, the Cesarean was a beautiful, peaceful and calm experience. It was so surreal and God's peace was with me the entire time. You will do wonderfully and your birth experience will not in any way be discounted because of the surgery. Recovery was probably more difficult (I had nothing to compare it to), but I was home recovering and doing laundry within 2 days of the birth. Your body will bounce back and once you hold him in your arms you will forget all about the birth experience and Nico won't be walking around with a 'Scarlet C'! Breastfeeding was not affected aside from having to use the football hold; and my husband had the pleasure of doing the first skin-to-skin with our daughter.
    You are in good hands and it will all work out for the very best. I'm so glad you aren't letting yourself go to labor and risking Nico's safety for your birth plan! You will enjoy your Cesarean 6 weeks postpartum, believe me ;)

    Enjoy your last few days pregnant! It will all be here before you know it!

  56. Niko will be here soon! How exciting!! Can't wait to see him..
    I hope everything will go well.. Take care!

  57. Jen, don't let people freak you out with pregnancy myths and horror stories about c-sections, and don't let anyone make you feel guilty about not being "natural" - what idiots they are! Here is my story on that: my mum had one natural birth and two c-sections, and guess what, she only had problems breastfeeding after the NATURAL birth!!!! One of my sisters had both her children "natural", the other had both via c-section (too big heads thanks to their father, lol) and again, guess what, it was the sister with the "natural" births that had severe problems with getting my niece to latch on and she also went through quite bad postpartum depression, whereas my other sister was totally fine.
    You will have a lot of sleepless nights and stress in the next weeks, that's normal when you have a little one, so it's important to watch out for your mental or physical health. Don't take ANYTHING on board that the haters may throw at you - it is your body, your baby, your family, your choice what to do. Apart from that, doctors know best, right? British doctors are very good, trust them and trust the process.
    About the scar... My mum always says she sees the changes her body went through after her pregnancies as "battle scars". Warriors are proud of their battle scars, and we women are strong, fierce warriors for our families going through giving birth, that's for sure. Let's celebrate the scars and wounds we carry, as they are the origin of all life!!!! :-)
    I wish you all the best, and will think of you on the day (we are in the same time zone, in Europe). I don't have babies (yet, I HOPE!!!!) and I'm not pregnant, but I have tons of ugly stretch marks from bad yo-yo dieting, sigh. Guess your miracle oil won't help with that???
    Lots of love,

  58. Your frank openness and honesty and humor drew me in from get go....I wish you well on your delivery. A baby is a wonderful thing, regardless of how he's born! And even with swelling, you're still such a beautiful woman. Much love and luck to you!

  59. In the future and if you're interested, mountain rose herbs has amazing nut butters, many of them organic and the best I've ever used. Also, double broilers are great for softening butters without reducing the beneficial properties. And for more amazing toxin free nail color, check out Zoya! They're 5-Free and Vegan and they offer so many lovely colors for only $8. Best of luck!

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I was 100 pounds before my son was born 165 at time of delivery. My take on that? I'm a god damn tiger that's earned her stripes! Best of luck!

  62. I'm so, so excited for you. I was an emergency cesarean baby because I was breech, and even in 1984, my mother's scarring was minimal then. I've loved reading as you've journaled through your pregnancy, and I can't wait to see that sweet baby boy!

    If you happen to have any of your butters left, I'd love to give a jar to my sister - she's pregnant for the first time and concerned about stretch marks!

  63. Good luck Jen, I had an emergency c-section and it went well and my scar has healed well and not too noticeable. My Son, Elijah will be 1 on Sunday, June 16th (Father's Day). I know you will be fine and so will baby Niko. You're going to be a great Mother and baby Niko is blessed to have you. God Bless always :)

  64. I feel for you!! I went all natural and it was amazing the fact you even WANTED that gives you a huge jump ahead of most women. So, don't feel selfish about the fact you're a little disappointed because most women are just planning on being drugged up I respect you because you put your baby first as I did, I wanted to have that contact Also, my friend just had a c-section, her baby was too large- 11 pounds- and she breastfeeds! you can do it !

  65. Love love love reading your blog posts. What is meant to be will be! we can't control certain things in life and giving birth is one of them I hope and pray that you and your baby Niko will have a Speedy and healthy delivery! Im actually expecting my first born son in mid July and definitely know now that a birth plan really means nothing.... in the end have to follow our babies matter what we have to go with it!
    Also...if you have any extra jars of that body butter I would definitely love some my email address is


  66. You have no idea how much all this information you give is helpfull and reashuring.. I feel so alone sometimes and terrified... Thank you jennifer and I'm wishing you all the luck and health in the world!


  67. This is so exciting! I've been following your blog your entire pregnancy, and read about your problems getting pregnant too. I actually found this blog right after giving birth to my own son, and if I'm not mistaken you became pregnant two weeks before he came, on the dot. I believe things happend for a reason, and I know you can handle this c-section!

    I can't wait to see little Niko, I bet he's gorgeous just like his mama. Good luck!

  68. Hi Jen,, Thanks for sharing, can I please get a bottle of the butters mixed together? thanks -millidiaz1

  69. Good luck Jen and alki! You really are so sweet and so honest. Little Niko is coming into a wonderful family. All the best.

  70. Hi Jennifer!

    I would love to have some of your homemade butters! I think it sounds perfect!! Hope you pick me to own some :) Thank you for sharing your journey with us all.

    ( xo

  71. Jen, just wanted to say that I love hope open and honest that you are. I found this post very interesting, so thank you for that.

    You and your family will be in my thoughts over the next couple days - anxious to meet baby Niko! I know that I am stating the obvious but you and Alki will be fabulous parents

    I would love a jar of your 'belly butter' :)

    Sierra xx

  72. Hello Jennifer, baby Niko will be very lucky boy, because he will have the most sweet, beautiful and fashionable mom in the world.

    Good luck and best wishes from Greece!

    P.S. I love it when sometimes you write greek words.... ''moro mou'' is my favorite phrase of love :)

  73. Thankyou for sharing this special time in your life with us! I love reading your posts and can't wait until I'm pregnant with my first child. All the best for you and your family this week xx

  74. I've really enjoyed your pictures and videos on keek and.instagram! I'm 17 weeks in and it has been fun to see your journey: ) I wish you big blessings for your c section. I've had an emergency c section with my first child.
    Your butters are a great idea! My email is just in case! Haha

  75. Hi love I am pregnant I follow you on Instagram too and am friends with your friend Danielle from Jersey. I am pregnant and would love some of that lotion if you still have some ;) xoxox best wishes to you and prayers for a healthy delivery of Niko

  76. It's almost time! I'm super excited for you! After having Niko, the method of delivery will be a distant memory. The joyful days following his birth will be filled with lots of love and wonder.

    I just had my second son 7 weeks ago and, trust me, a C-section is the way to go. I was walking the next day and never had to take any pain pills. Like you, I don't believe in popping pills (unless in extreme discomfort or a last resort). In my first pregnancy, I was all about all natural - no meds, no needles, no midwife... That went out the door when the baby refused to come out after 2 straight hours of pushing! We ended up vacuuming him out since he was too far down for an emergency c-section. Needless to say, it was almost a complete tear with a 9 month recovery riddled with lots of pain meds and infections.

    I send lots of love and positive energy for a speedy recovery for you and Niko. Looking forward to upcoming pictures of you and Niko!

  77. Why you dont let the baby come naturelly? Then when baby is really ready to come out. My friend had A baby by C section and baby couldnt breath well. Now baby is in intensive care unit! I think its difficult hold baby with cut belly. Hope everything go well!

  78. Hi Jennifer! So I never sent you those oils, it was more money than I thought to send them but I still will in a bit!! I sincerely hope the best for you and hope your C-section goes smooth. I just want to say to trust your instincts and body, don't let the doctors scare you, there is always so much that "can go wrong" but your body knows what its doing and you have done such a great job listening to it and helping it by going as natural as you can in your everyday life. I know you must know this because you know so much and have researched everything (awesome!!) but the last week of pregnancy makes a HUGE difference in the size of the babies brain, liver and your body makes a hormone during labor that does the final maturing of the lungs. There is that strong bond with labor and I hope you get that with your c-sec. You probably know all of this, but I just worry you know? I have loved your instagram updates and your blog. Please, please let me know if you need anything or if you just want to talk, I have had 3 kids with no drugs or any interventions, have nursed all of them for over a year and have had thrush/candida/yeast. something I HOPE you will never have to experience!! Know that I will be hoping for the best for you and thinking of you on Wed. Good luck! (you don't have to post this, I just wanted you to see it)
    My e-mail is and my blog is

  79. Hi Jen, i lurve reading your blog and also look thru your pixs in IG. U so pretty eventhou u preggy.. im from singapore and i would lurve to have the butter lotion for stretch mark if you have extra but im staying in SIngapore. My email address will be please share wif me if u have any tips during preggy moments. I'm 4 mths preggy now and its a boy too!hehehe...i pray to God u will have safe delivery and ur lil boy will be healthy too. Kiss ur lil baby for me*hugs*

  80. HI Jennifer,
    First of all will like to thank you for sharing your special journey on becoming a mom. Love that fact that u are very sincere. And dont worry u are in my prayers. Stay positive and have faith everything will come out just fine. I have a six month old baby girl and my birth plan was a natural birth as well... i went to two series of childbirth classes that reasured me of going natural... but i was told to keep on open mind... i did and thanks god i did because u all planed in ur head and the moment it doesnt go as planned u do get dissappointed.... i did get a natural birth but little things like the skin to skin, avoiding a psyatomy didnt go as planned... i just didnt let that ruin the moment of knowing i was a mom of a helthy beatiful girl.... so stay positive and like u said if it's meant to happen it will.... keep us posted!!!! Trully wish u the best .....try to relax!!!


  81. Hi Jennifer,
    First of all will like to thank u for sharing with us ur special journey of becoming a mom!!!. Love the fact that u are very sincere and are very open about ur new experience. I like all ur comments in ur blog and specially how u keep us updated through ur insta post.... Will like to let u know that i keep in my prayers. Stay positive and have faith everything will come out just fine. I have a six month old baby girl... i went to 2 series of childbirth classes that reasured me of a natural labor, but in both i learned how important was to keep an open mind through the whole process... thankful i did because when u plan something and it doesnt goes as planned dissapointment its frustrating... i can say i had a natural labor that went well not all as planned (skin to skin moment, avoiding a psyatomy) but didnt let that ruin my special moment of enjoing my happiness of becoming a mom of a healthy baby girl.... so in the end keep the health and well being of u and ur baby as ur priority even if its naturally of by c-section. May God Bless u and give u the streinght and support for when that moment comes!!!! Try to stay relax practice relaction techniques that will still help!!! Ohh before i forget do ask for a lactation consultant... I thought i had the breastfeeding down when i really didnt... also i love ur registry items!!! One that i didnt see and I and baby love was 4moms mammaroo u should look into it!!!! Worked wonders for my baby...

  82. Hi Jennifer,
    Question... just noticed u are 38 3 days now. .. since first time mom why dont wait until u hit 40 weeks.. does ur babies weight or excesive swelling have to do with schedulling it this week before ur 40 weeks?...i mean if ur baby is breached and u could wait until ur 40 i think u give ur baby a little more time to do so... Im saying this because as a first time mom here in CA my dr gave me one 5 days after my due date if not in labor to induced me... thankfully my baby was born 3 days after due date... Ive read most first time moms tend to be delayed for labor from given due date then go into labor earlier.... Good luck girly I keep u in my prayers..


  83. I've been following you for sometime now -- my due date was originally 1 week after yours, but our little one appeared earlier than we expected - this pas Tuesday to be exact! Motherhood is a wonderful journey, and no 'plan' is ever fool proof as your post here recognizes. I hope that you have a safe and peaceful arrival for your child! Your generosity abounds; thanks for offering out your extra body butter - if there's any left over, please contact me at carinaandmichael(at)gmail(dot)com

    Can't wait to see baby N

  84. I love your natural approach to your pregnancy. It's how i would want to be too. I can't wait to see photo's of your little prince, your going to make such good parents! I hope everything goes well with the c-section, i'm sure it will do.

  85. I would love to purchase the body butters! Please let me know how I can go about doing so <3

  86. I'm watching you for a long time, I really enjoy things, which unfortunately never have the finances, but also admire your family and how you are beautiful inside and out. Good luck, whether birth takes place without complications, and you will soon be able to enjoy your beautiful little baby!! CZECH REPUBLIC

  87. Hi Jennifer! I just discovered your blog and I wanted to say I love it, and I am so excited for you! Thank you for sharing your pregnancy and parenting journey with such openness and candor -- you are an encouragement to many expecting moms, I'm sure :)

    I have three children. My oldest son turns six tomorrow, my middle son is three and a half, and my daughter is fourteen months. Being a mom is the most amazing experience, and it has taught me and changed me so much.

    I am a bit of a birth and breastfeeding (and babywearing) nerd, so I wanted to share a few great links with you, in case you're interested. Breastfeeding can be tricky at first, and I think that one of the biggest obstacle to doing it successfully is not having the proper support around you. Hopefully these links will help, if you don't already know about them ;)

    Please reach out to your local La Leche League group if you need anything...they are AMAZING! Here's the UK branch:

    Here is a great website that is a wonderful, evidence-based resource for all questions related to breastfeeding:

    The Leaky Boob is another fantastic community that provides excellent guidance and support:

    And this one is also terrific, for helpful articles and great discussion forums:

    Best of luck with everything! I know how hard it is to be in that end-of-pregnancy limbo (my 3 babe was born at 42 weeks and I felt like I would be pregnant forever!). Just hang in there, and know that everything will feel BEYOND 100-percent worth it when you meet your precious babe :)

    I love this essay about the end of pregnancy:


    @marvelouskiddo on instagram

  88. I feel the need to share my similar story to let you know everything is going to be OK. Just like you i opted for all natural birth but got an emergency c-section instead. Milk didn't come right away but after 5 days when i got home and relaxed, nurses were worried but that didn't stop me from thinking my body can make it - which it did, a prolonged time of breastfeeding for 3,5 years. Also they didn't want to give my son formula and i went against their wishes and demanded food for him and luckily my instinct was right, first 4 days he was fed formula and happy&growing ... and nothing bad happened later, he wasn't nipple confused or anything because i was confident in me&him. Scar was big, red and scary for 2 years, i thought it is there to stay and i don't know when precisely but now after 6 years it is invisible. My friend's scar also went away after a couple of years - so don't worry and don't rush it, time heals. Take socks and sweater to hospital, you don't want to get sick and cough because that hurts the most. Everything else regarding pain and discomfort goes away in 10 days. Good luck <3

  89. Thank you for being so thorough and honest about your decisions. I am 29 weeks and trying to research the pros/cons of natural and c-section, your blog helps tremendously. My last visit showed our baby feet first, we will see. I am going to leave it in God's hands and just take it week to week until we get a little closer. IF, you still have the natural lotion left I would love some, I'm in NY and can even email you a Fed Ex label if so. Wishing you all of the best, from my family to yours! XO Michele

  90. Good luck! Love your blog! I'm sure you two will be wonderful parents! :) x

  91. I am so excited for you! I have found such beauty and sincerity in your posts it's refreshing. Your fate brought you to love and circumstances few of us may never encounter. I have found my true love after a first, failed marriage. God bless you and your family. Safe, speedy delivery on Wednesday! I am due in late Jan. Just getting started! I plan on ordering some of the butters you mentioned. If it is purely up to genetics then I am doomed! My sister got horrible stretch marks. I will love them either way but any little thing can help!


  92. Hi Jennifer. im sure everything will be fine. God is taking care of everything. You'll be a great mummy!!! And just to make you a bit happier, in Brazil, 12th june is Valentine's Day! so your baby is coming in a good date! hehehe Lots of love!


  94. I would love a jar!! First pregnancy and I am nervous!!

  95. Best of luck! Thanks for sharing your journey! I am 34 weeks preggo and so nervous!! I would love to try the cream if you have any left. But, I live in Canada :)

  96. Good Luck Jennifer!! I wish you the best in not only your delivery but in life as well. A life full of happiness and health! I have to say, I have been following your blog for quite some time now and every post has been only that much more inspiring than the previous one. I stop and think of all the fame and wealth you have and never fail to recognize how humble you are and for that I appreciate and respect you even more. Your life hasn't always been easy, from what I have read, yet you manage to find a way to stay's incredible!

    I don't have the wealth or fame and don't wish to, I've been sick since last October and i have been unemployed for about a month now. I stopped going to school, my family fell apart and we no longer have the relationship we used to when my parents were together. BUT thankfully I am still alive, living day by day, have and amazing man by my side and even though we are living not exactly as we planned I am grateful. To be honest it's something from your post that brings hope and keeps that little spark to the fire that I felt was burning out.

  97. ...thank you Jennifer for being a positive influence on my view in life. I know anytime I'm feeling down your post will be there to get me out of the negativity. I don't mean to sound 'whiny' or to get pity out of any of this I just though you should know, if by any chance you ever read this and my previous comment I just want to say thank you!

    And if you're ever in need of an assistant or anything, I'm here to be hired! ....I know I'm taking a long shot in that ever happening, you have multiple friends and a lot of more well known people just by you networking alone. But hey, a girl can dream... Like you said if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.

    My email is if you ever need anything from me and I am able to give and help I'm here or if you you ever need a new friend i'm here.

  98. Hi Jen,

    I wish you the BEST of Luck on your C-section on Wed. June 12th. I know you will do wonderful and can't wait to see photos of your beautiful baby boy Niko. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with us. It has been amazing to see all the knowledge and love you have for your baby. I cannot wait to see lots of photos and I wish you, Alki & baby Niko lots of love and bonding time together. God bless you all.
    Also, If you have any extra jars of body butter I would definitely love to use them. I'm pregnant and would love to keep my skin from getting stretch marks. Only if you have time, I'm sure you are going to be busy. my email is

    Lots of luck & love,

  99. So glad to read an update from you - don't worry, everything will be fine and just like someone else said, the only thing you're going to remember is seeing your baby for the first time. : ) I had 4 C-sections and never had any problems breastfeeding; also, my scar is not bad at all. God bless you, can't wait to see Niko!

  100. I saw this and thought maybe you would like to read it... The image is breath taking.

  101. i loved following you in your pregnancy! I just delivered my beautiful baby boy on June 4! He was born with Gastroschesis and we have not been able to hold our little prince since the day he was born. You and Little Niko will have a beautiful birth! Good luck, Jennifer! It truly is an over-the-top emotional experience! I would love to try your body butter! Email -

    Good Luck Hot Momma!

  102. Hi Jennifer! are almost there!! congrats! u did it so good all those months, I'm sure tomorrow you'll be great, and you'll be a great mum! =) best of lucks!
    Btw, I wanted to make you a professional proposal,but I don't find your email... could you contact me so that I can send you more information?
    My email is:
    Thanks! xoxoxo

    Good luck!!

  103. Good luck! You'll be fine! Just relax and enjoy! I was also hoping for a completely natural birth at home and was transferred to hospital, although it was not a c-section still. The bonding with baby is far more important then the labour itself IMHO:) And establishing of breastfeeding.
    Best of luck!

  104. Good luck Jennifer! I'm sure your experience will be wonderful whichever way you deliver Niko. I love the nursery inspiration board you posted at the end. Your taste is very similar to mine. This is my favorite nursery inspiration board created to date and as you can see, very similar to yours!

    Can't wait to see baby Niko!

  105. Jenn, your story has been inspiring! I too have a heart shaped uterus which I have been petrified about since finding out because of all that could happen. I recently just found out my baby girl is breech and they have scheduled a c section. I became obsessed with trying to turn her because I wanted a natural, drug free birth for her. God works in mysterious ways and sometimes he knows what is best for us. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Reading your blog has made my mind be put to ease about my surgery. You seem very strong and baby Niko is lucky to have a momma like you!

    - Maria / ig: @xomiaaaa

  106. Good luck Jenn! I'm sure everything will be ok, and can't wait to see your little sunshine!

    Wish you all the best,


  107. Jen, You look beautiful. You will do fine after Niko is born. I cried after reading you didn't have your friends and family with you during your pregnancy that would be rough and especially being in a different country. This little guy is going to be so good looking you are going to have to keep the girls away :) You take care and I'm sending prayers your way. kim clift

  108. Thanks so much for this informative post! Would love some of your anti stretch mark oil concoction you made if you have any left over!

  109. I am so shocked by not having a single stretch mark Jen!!!! YOU GO GIRL! You are SO thoughtful & caring for sharing!!! I would LOVE to have one! I have bad stretch marks from my last baby & they won't go away! my email is momscleaningcompany (at)


  110. Congratulations for your nice baby!!!

  111. In love with your blog posts. I'm due in October with a little girl Isabel. I have been trying to find natural lotions. Would love a jar of your homemade body butter if you have any left. wishing you and your little family the best ! My email address is

  112. I just saw baby Niko on instagram! he is adorable! congratulations! and you look amazing as well. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London. Please let everyone know how you find the placenta pills and smoothie- I'm 37 weeks pregnant and am going to try it too, so it would be good to hear your opinion! Congratulations again!

  113. I just saw baby Niko on instagram! he is adorable! congratulations! and you look amazing as well. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in London. Please let everyone know how you find the placenta pills and smoothie- I'm 37 weeks pregnant and am going to try it too, so it would be good to hear your opinion! Congratulations again!

  114. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy :)

  115. Hi Jen! I'd love some miracle stretch mark cream. congratulations on ur baby hes beatiful :)

  116. Hi! I've been following your journey from almost the very begining and I know you already had baby Niko congrats!!! You have done a lot of research to prepare yourself and its great that you switched so quick to natural products I'm trying to do the same also. I was wondering if you have any of the butter left or if you have any recomnendations on which brands to pick up of them maybe at whole foods? My email is please if yoh can reply. I had my first son 5 years ago and I didn't do much buttering up but I did not get a single stretch mark on my belly but now I'm 5 years older and worried maybe it'll happen also because this time I can tell I'm gonna be bigger.

  117. Congrats on ur baby niko.!!

    You think this stretch mark remedy u did will help minmimize stretch marks

  118. I just absolutely love your blog and how you explain everything :). I would love some of your homade cream if you still have some left I am 9 wks and worry so much about stretch marks, I'm so small I feel like my belly will get covered in them:(.

  119. I have followed ur entire pregnancy.I'm 26yrs old. I'm newly pregnant at 4wks. And ur such an inspiration to me. I used to be all about the drugs and pain free and u have inspired me to stay natural God willing! I would love a jar of ur stretcharl potion if u have enough! My email is if u decide u need ny addres! I'm so happy for u and congras on ur little prince he is breath taking!

  120. Hi jennifer and congratulations for you bby niko !! I'm 35 weeks .. and can't wait to meet my bby girl Bella .. I would love to have one of you oil jar .. i've been tried alt cream and oil , but I'm just star seeing couple of strech marks .. and if you can give me advice about c section would be perfect cause I'm schedule for c section on july 8 .. my email address is .. and congratulation new mommy! !

  121. Its crazy to know that one woman can be going through all of this! I have 3 kids: 14, 11 & 4. Ive had natural birth with all 3, but had epidural with the 1st two. The last birth, since I didnt have epidural, was by far the most painful! I even developed hemeroids :( thankfully it went away after a couple months, but I just wanted to let you know that you are one of the strongest pregnant woman I know!!! thank you for sharing your story with the whole word - we really do appreciate it.

    P.S: I would loveee some of that body butter for the stretch marks :) it would be helpful for the ones I have (because of my pregnancies) It would probably make
    them less "noticeable" Feel free to email me at: for my address

  122. Would definitely LOVE some of your stretch Mark prevention cream. Good luck and i cant wait to see The little man!

  123. I have been following you on instagram ever since I became pregnant 23 weeks ago! If you have any extra jars of body butter I would love some. My email is

    Your son is absolutely beautiful.. I can't wait for my baby girl to arrive!!! You make pregnancy look so easy and so beautiful. Babies are such a blessing!

  124. Congrats on the birth of your baby boy. I love reading your blog and you inspire to become the woman that I want to be. If you have extra jars of the butter, I would love some. Please email me at

  125. Hello Jennifer I have been recently reading up on your blogs i really rnjoy everyone of them, i like that your doing everything as natural as possible and i would love a jar I am currently 5 months pregnant and i would like to try these oils you mixed :) Ill be checking for and updates on Niko's Arrival GOOD LUCK

  126. @Jenniferstano darling you and baby Niko are so beautiful and blessed! i do not have the funds to purchase and mix all the lotions and oils that you have and would absolutely be the most grateful lucky mommy2be if you could send a jar my way! congratulations! and thank you for sharing your journey you're an inspiration to many many mommys. thank you nd god bless! 228-243-1446 tiffany

  127. Heii :) first of all congrats to your baby. He is so beautiful :) you and your husband did an amazing job. I am not pregnant but my sister-in-law is and I would love to give her a jar of your butter to prevent those marks/stretches. I am not going to be a mommy right now, but at least I am going to be an amazing godmother :D I am already spoiling that little kid and it's not even here yet... If it's not possible I am going to make one, but I am not a good cook or something like that so there is a 89% chance that I am going to ruin it :D hehe but I could try. I hope everything is going fine in London. Again, congrats on your nice lil baby boy :) xo

  128. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Baby looks sooooooooooooooo cute :-)

  129. Congratulations on the birth of Niko :). I've enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your photos on Instagram, its been great following your pregnancy. I'd love to try some of the body butter if you have any left :) my email is xxxxx

  130. It is so inspiring to hear a woman be so honest and open about her pregnancy journey. You have not hidden a single thing, and I truly believe that your story will help other women who are going through what you've had to go through to not feel so alone and to also gain some strength from you.. because woman, YOU ARE SO STRONG! Way to give it to God and not let it get to you that things are not going as planned. You are absolutely beautiful pregnant, its the most glorious moment of a womans life, we should ALL embrace it and any haters on your blog or instagram have most likely never gone through what us mamas have undertaken..its a tough but BEAUTIFUL and blessed journey we get to go through. Im currently 35 weeks (ive been 4 weeks behind you this whole time) and cannot wait to meet my son.. NIko is gorgeous! Enjoy being a mama! God bless you! follow my pregnancy and health journey here: instagram: tessa_ray_armstrong

  131. My congrats and thanks 4 this post! I'm pregnant too and You wrote a lot of information, what I've need.
    Wish to You and your baby good health and happy!

  132. Thank you for sharing this personal experience with us!
    I am SO happy to read that you are fine and that your baby is healthy!
    God bless you and your cute little family!
    Wish you all the best and lots of love,

  133. Hello, Jennifer just read your Blog Iam also Pregnant and are going through the same exact thing your going through.. But it is my 2nd child. Don't be scared.. I've had a C-section and I was devastated cause I couldn't deliver nautraly the first time. As long as the baby is Healthy that's all that matters.. Congratulations on your baby Boy to come, You are beautiful.. I know what you are going through cause Iam going through the same again with this pregnancy... I hope everything goes well.. Wanted to also let you know that Iam a Clarivorant and I do feel you will have a Good outcome.. You have a very good energy and Positive Aura.. My name is Amanda.. My Email is email me anytime for a Free Predictions.. Hope all goes Well God Bless Amanda

  134. Hey Jennifer! I was wondering if there was a specific amount of the different oils that you used or did you kinda just mix a little bit of everything? I'm not expecting but I do tend to have a problem with stretch marks and just wanted to know your recipe! Thanks! <3

  135. You are such an inspiration and beautiful inside and out. You are going to be an amazing mother and good luck on your journey <3 god bless you and your family.

  136. Love this post! Such an inspiration (from the stretch mark creams to the research on different birthing plans,etc). AND I have always loved that quote, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." Congrats on being a new mommy.

    Best wishes to you and your family!

  137. hey Jen!!! omg i love reading your posts and how honest you are. If you have extra body butter (for the stretch marks) can you email me at so i can give you my address - if you are still willing to send some!!! xo hope all is well so far, Niko is absolutely stunning!!!

  138. Im 6 weeks today, ive been using cocoa butter on my tummy to prevent stretch marks from happenng. I would really appreciate if you could send some extra jars to me. My email is Ive been keeping up with your pregnancy i follow you on instagram and keek also (:

  139. I would love to try your stretch mark cream, and am willing to pay for it. My email address is

    Thanks! :)

  140. Congrats Mrs. Jenn

    I bet you are enjoying every second of being mother... When are you coming to California?

  141. Hi Jen,
    You look just amazing. Niko is so lucky to have you as a mommy. Don't worry about your postpartum weight loss and going back into the gym. Everything doesn't really matter as long as the baby is healthy and has enough room in your belly. I haven't gained much, didn't get any stretch marks at all. I was at my due date and still looking like 5 months pregnant. My labor was all I ever could dream of - all natural, no pain reliefs, short, but my baby boy was twisted inside me:( now were exercise every day because of his torticollis. Wish you guys all the best!

  142. Hi Jennifer first off I would like to congratulations to you on your beautiful baby Boy! I am writing to in regaurd to your wedding dress that you had for sale. I am just your size and getting married and would like to know if the dress is still avaiable? Please Please let me know Iam very intrested


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  144. Jennifer,
    I appreciate all of your helpful tips that you have candidly shared. If you have any extra jars of your healing body butter, I would truly be thankful to receive it. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  145. follow me ;)

  146. Congrats on ur baby boy!!!!! GOD bless you and they your family...I was wondering if u still have some of the recipe for strech marks :) I would appreciated if not its ok. Here is my email just in case Thanks you ( By the way I love ur stroller!!!!!)

  147. wow! great post ! everything looks so amazing and cute

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    Battlecam harry_balzac : E.g. like Vikki has that dangerous criminal pervert and stalking animal Culver on her ass non-stop.

    Battlecam harry_balzac : With Scott you know though that he'll read it. He was never able to shut his dumb mouth and not address it, so people kept pushing.

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  152. i have been a huge fan of yours for years now. i really appreciate your honesty and openness about everything- truly the biggest inspiration. But I hate how you've been slacking on your blogging. Can you please do a blog about your absolute favorite beauty products? Also, more makeup tutorials!! I love how you do your makeup. Much love to you and your beautiful family xoxoxo

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  155. Hi Jennifer,
    I have read about your home-made natural and raw butters.
    Do you still happen to have some of the home made stretch mark cream you made?
    I am 2 months pregnant and I am in search of a good cream to prevent stretch marks.
    I would greatly appreciate it.

    P.S. You have such a cute baby boy!

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  158. I love your information on what you use for stretch marks. I also love your IG video on the fenugreek and what you are taking to up your supply. Its really given me a lot of information on what ill use for my baby. This is also helping me give advice to my friends. Thanks so much on everything. Please keep it up.

  159. I'm looking forward to your post on motherhood. You seem to be thinking about everthing! xoxo

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