Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A little late.. But I had my Baby!!!!!

Finding the time to work on a blog post has been hard, to say the least. Between breastfeeding, sleeping, eating exercising  I barely find time to even get dressed sometimes. With 3 months passed I have so much I want to share with you. From my must haves for the baby and reviews on things I bought for him, to life as a new mom and my diet / work out plan.  So lets start from the beginning.

On our way to the hospital to have our baby

Meet Niko:

I gave birth on June 12th 2013 to a beautiful baby boy weighing 6lbs 8oz and 20" long via C section due to him being frank breech. Frank breech means his legs are up by his head and his butt is down near my "area". When he was pulled out ( butt first ) his poor little legs didnt know what to do from being bent upwards in the womb all this time so they just flopped everywhere.
At 6 weeks we had to go have an ultrasound done on his hips to make sure they were in their place and growing correctly from being breech. The good news is they are in their sockets but the sockets are shallow. I was told to keep him in 2 diapers / nappies and NOT to swaddle. I must say my mama instincts were right on in this situation because I never really swaddled him from the start anyway even when everyone told me I should [ trust your instincts]! At his 2 month check up the Dr told us he looks fine- but I still keep him in 2 diapers just to be sure ;)

Where I gave birth:

I gave birth at the famous St. Marys Lindo Wing in London where Princess Diana gave birth and most recently Kate Middleton just had her baby boy. When I moved to London from California I had no idea what Dr's to use or what hospital to go to. I got referred to a Dr from one of my husbands friends and the Dr just so happened to deliver at both Portland and St. Marys. At the time I had no idea the Lindo Wing was so famous. The staff was amazing and our suite was huge. The Lindo Wing is very small and private, and their are only 2 suites in their newly refurbished quarters. Yes, Princess Kate Middleton did stay in the same suite I stayed in after delivering. She took out both suites which are separated from the rest and one is bigger than the other ( I got a tour before delivering myself and booked our suite ). I must say I was super excited when I found out she was delivering there as well. I didnt get to take a picture on the famous Lindo Wing steps as we came out with baby Niko because it was raining the day we went home, but I do plan on going back and getting one- for Niko to have for when he is older. My Dr was Dr. TG Teoh and he was amazing. My scar is as tiny as it can be for a breech baby and super super low! Luckily I can still wear my tiny Have Faith Bikinis lol! Dr Teoh was so helpful and understanding my entire pregnancy I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone delivering privately in London.
Delivery room at the Lindo Wing at St. Marys Hopsital

My Birthing Experience:

Having a C section was not bad at all. As most of you know I originally wanted to deliver completely natural but I had no other choice in this situation. Niko was breech for months and hadnt changed his position, and at 38.5 weeks I dont think turning was in his plans.
 I was terrified of the epidural which turned out not to be so bad. When I got to the hospital they checked us into one of the delivery rooms where they strap you up to a heart monitor to monitor the baby and your contractions or in my case braxton hicks , which at this point I was having regularly.

They then put these super tight socks on you so you dont get blood clots and to help with the water retention that comes after delivering a baby via c section and or natural but with an epidural. When it was finally time to deliver they walked me down to the "thearte" where they will preform the surgery.
When I got to the surgery room they sat me down on the table and put the IV into my hand. Then they quickly began to start putting in my epidural. Everything was moving so quickly I had no time to freak out and panic. I made my husband stand in front of me while they were inserting the needle into my back. I have a tendency to pass out so I was afraid I would just fall off the table. It was really comforting having him there and helped me keep super still. Once the epidural kicked in my entire lower half went completely numb. I started to panic once they made me lie down on my back as my belly was so heavy plus the strange foreign feeling of NOT feeling your legs. But I calmed myself down knowing this was all normal and finally just relaxed. I just kept thinking " soon I will meet my baby, soon I will be a mom, I need to be strong". Once they got me into place they put up the curtain so I couldnt see all the gory stuff. They then inserted a catheter into my "hoohaa" since I wouldn't be able to get up and pee for the next day or so as they keep the epidural in for 24-48 hours. All the pain meds make you constipated anyway so nothing happens in that region. When in place they them used Iodine all over my belly- my Dr joked it was Soy Sauce lol and shortly after I heard him say "knife please". I couldnt believe this was all going so fast. I swear in a matter or 10-20 minutes he was out. I felt NOTHING. Maybe some tugging and pressure but no pain at all. After the cut I heard all kinds of suction. Having watched C section videos on youtube I knew what was going on and then all of a sudden I heard either my husband or the DR say "theres the water" which I knew meant they had entered my amniotic sack and the baby would shortly be here. MY husband then said "theres the placenta" which really was Niko's ass LOL. The Dr corrected him with "bum" as he was pulling Niko out. The anesthesiologist who was standing right by me asked if I wanted her to lower the curtain to see the baby and I told her yes. Within seconds I heard my husband getting excited and then squealing that to me sounded like a piglet LOL. I looked up and saw my baby for the first time. All his hair, his little mouth and body, hands and legs flailing all around- it was the most surreal feeling ever, total disbelief  and yet complete infatuation at that moment. I became a mom and this baby was mine. I made him, he lived in me for 9 months and now he is here. The midwife took him to the side where she would let my husband cut his cord, clamp it and then bring him to me without cleaning him off as I requested ( its better for bonding and finding the nipple if they are not cleaned off first). She then brought him to me for skin to skin and for the first time I got to hold my baby.  I never grew up around small children, so this was the first tiny baby I held as an adult. Once he was placed on my chest I didnt know what to do. He felt so small and fragile I didnt want to move him. As soon as they placed him on my chest he stopped crying, peed on me and then placed his hand on my mouth. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. Since I was being sewn up and still couldnt feel my lower half I couldnt see much of him since I couldnt move. All i could see was that he had a lot of hair LOL. Shortly after the midwife came back and took him to get cleaned off and warmed up, weighted measured etc. All I could do was lay there and watch. I made a few phone calls to my mom in NY who was anxiously awaiting "the call" at 4 am her time. I then was able to snap a quick pic and post the first picture of Niko to my Instagram Family.
Jennifer Stano -  Niko's first picture
Once done being sewn up, they sat me up, gave Niko to me and wheeled me back to the delivery room that I started out in where I would stay for a few hours before going to the recovery suite. Once we got to the room I unwrapped Niko and the midwife was prepared to help the baby latch on to feed but he latched on before we could even assist him. Apparently he read all of the same books I did lol. He nursed for a while and I swear I held him in my arms for 12 hours straight. I didnt want to put him down.

Once settled down Paula Gallardo from the IPEN network in the UK met us in my room. There she prepared my raw placenta smoothie which both Alki and I drank. After she was done she then took my Placenta to my house and started a 16hr process of dehydrating my placenta to make raw pills that I would then take for 6 weeks 3x a day. If your curious about this process and why I chose to do this please see my previous blogs. I will say that I am SO happy I did this and I hope some of you get inspired as well.
Alki waiting for the placenta smoothie to be ready.

After all the excitement and commotion, my husband fell asleep next to me, the midwives here gone and I was left in bed with my newborn baby where I was and am completely in love. He was the tiniest most beautiful creature I ever laid eyes on, and he was half of me half of my husband and ours forever.
Niko's first day of Life
Recovery was slow- definitely not like having your boobs done lol. But I was up and walking around the next day in the hospital. I was able to move around with the epidural still in my back. As soon as I got my feet on the floor and stood up I felt this unbelievable weight on my pelvis. I still had a stomach (which was kind of depressing as I thought it would be gone LOL) and it was really hard to move around feeling so much pressure on my incision BUT everyone I spoke to told me to push through the pain and walk, that it will help with recovery and so I did.  I was in the hospital for 3 days.

Going Home

When I got into the car I started to cry. I think it was all a bit overwhelming and  felt like I had lost control of my baby. Its hard to explain and put into words what I was feeling. It wasn't  depression but I guess I wanted the baby all to my self... Im not sure. It was all just going so fast. I dont know if it was my husband being overly excited and everything just going so quickly but I felt like I wanted everything to just slow down. I wanted all of the moments you see on TV and it didnt happen that way due to the weather being crap and raining. When we got home I was better but it was hard carrying him for 9 months and having him all to my self and now having to share everything.. I hope Im explaining this right and that it kind of makes sense.  Its not that I didnt want my husband to hold him or have moments with him bc that made me happier than anything seeing them together- it's just really hard to explain.

Getting Niko into his nursery was so exciting. I had his nursery prepared for a couple of months before he arrived ( and I highly recommend not waiting for the last minute because the smallest chores becomes the hardest) and now seeing him using everything I made and bought and had ready for him was an amazing feeling.

Nikos London Nursery

The day I arrived home my mom and brother had flown in from NY to stay for 5 days to help and see the baby. It was nice having them around but also a bit stressful as I wanted to breastfeed all the time but felt I had to entertain and didnt want them to get bored. I had a maternity nurse since Im living in London and didn't  have any friends of family around to help me, I haven't even changed a diaper in my life at this point LOL. Niko's diaper was my first one.... a lot with Niko was my first ever when it comes to babies so having a MN was really helpful especially having had a c section.
My brother and I for a walk with Niko in London

It's one thing to be fat when pregnant BUT another to still be fat when you're no longer pregnant.

 I understand its a slow process being that I had a C section for my stomach to go back down but i just feel so self conscious and slightly depressed about it ( being honest ). I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy... A LOT! I didnt pig out (except my first trimester bc I was so under weight), I didnt eat sweets. I ate a lot of fruit and drank a ton of Milk... healthy foods I would say, but my body just retained so much water towards the end that I packed on the pounds. I have already lost 40lbs but still have another 30lbs to go.. Yes, thats right! I gained 70lbs in my pregnancy.... 70! Thats 30lbs shy of my best friend Lilly LOL..I know it doesnt really look like it- I didnt gain a ton of weight in my face, mainly my belly, ass and thighs.
Here at 36 weeks pregnant.
 I never appreciated my pre baby body so much as I do right now. All those times I thought I was "fat" or "not good enough"... I laugh at myself now... I was good! And Im determined to get back to my pre baby body but safely and in a timely manner since Im breastfeeding. I have not gone on some crazy strict diet, I waited the full 6 weeks until I started to SLOWLY workout... Like my pregnancy, Im doing everything the best I can. At 8 weeks postpartum  I started doing pilates on mats with a private instructor here in Greece and I began swimming laps in our pool. At 145lbs and not much ab control (yet!) a simple beginners Pilates workout beat my ass! But it feels good to start getting back on track as its been 10 months since I really "worked out". 3 months PP ( 14 weeks) my belly has gone done substantially thank god and Im starting to get more muscle tone back throughout my body. Ive never had to work so hard in my life to have a good body- I'm definitely putting in the sweat and tears these days.
ON the left- 1 week PP and on the right 3 weeks PP.
5 weeks PP


A lot of people have asked me on Instagram if I have a nanny.. The answer is yes. I do have a nanny because I am living in London without any family or friends and as a first time mom I needed help. I must say at first having a nanny or maternity nurse was not on my list of things I needed or wanted for that matter. Im a very hands on person- especially when it comes to my own baby. I waited a long time to become pregnant and then a long time to finally meet my baby- I wanted to be 100% involved in everything. And I must say that in the beginning I got really frustrated having someone else handling my baby. I was really emotional and felt like I had no control over my baby. Everyone was doing things for him when I wanted to do them myself.  I wanted to make sure that he knew I was the MOM and that he recognized my voice. Still to this day it's not always easy- IM grateful and thankful to have a nanny but theres times I dont want to share him. I guess thats normal. It is nice because it gives me some time to be with my husband and make sure he gets attention too. If I was home and had family and friends Im not sure I would need a nanny- I really love being a mom and even with a Nanny I spend so many hours with him... Im lucky I found someone that I really like and we get along and she genuinely cares for Niko so much. I had to remember that this is all for him. If Niko feels loved 24/7 and is cared for 24/7 he will grow up to be a very secure person.
Many people have different views on how to raise their baby. I never was the person who said " oh, Ill just let them cry themselves to sleep and self soothe". I dont believe in that. They have their entire lives to learn to deal with issue and problems on their own. This is a new born baby and all is needs is love, attention, affection and security. I never let Niko cry himself to sleep and when he does start crying I pick him up right away. There is a book my nanny told me about called " Kiss Me, how to raise your child with love" and its about just that. Co-sleeping, not letting your child cry themselves to sleep or self sooth and studies behind his beliefs. Its very interesting and I believe Niko is such a good baby and very calm because I am very calm and loving. Do what you feel is right when raising your child. If you are into self soothing then good for you- if you're not thats fine too. Do what works for you.

Some of the items I cannot live without for Niko.
As with my pregnancy, everything I am using is all natural. I really believe it made such a difference with Niko and still does. The products below are ones I use and love- I do not get paid for any of this and I am not endorsed by any of these companies. PLease share the products you use and love in the comment section :)

-Bambo Diapers-
The diapers I and using and LOVE are by Bambo ! I buy them off of amazon and they are my absolute favorite. They are natural, free of harsh chemicals and Niko has not had 1 rash with them. They are soft and thick - My #1 choice

- Honest Company Diapers
I love the designs of the Honest Company diapers and they fact that they too are all natural but the Bambo diapers are much softer.. But I use both

-Honest Company Wipes-
They are free of harsh chemicals and are really soft.

-Nappy Balm- by " The Little Green Sheep - best diaper balm ever. Not 1 rash!

-Weleda products- Sold at Whole foods- I use the whole baby range on him , lotion, shampoo, oil etc

-Snuza Hero
This is a life saver... Literally. Its a portable breathing monitor that clips onto the babys diaper and detects when the baby stops breathing. Niko does not go a night without this on him. After 10 seconds if the baby hasnt moved it vibrates ot remind them to breath. If they still dont begin to move it sets off an alarm so you know something is wrong. I sleep very well knowing this is on him.

I discovered this at Harrods and am so obsessed with it I bought 2. I keep one in his nursery and one in my room. Niko didnt like sleeping flat on his back as he always felt like he was falling. But int he cocoon he sleeps so well. It also prevents flat head... Must have!

-A Fan
I have a portable fan that clips onto anything. I clip it on to his crib, his stroller, my head bored while breastfeeding just to circulate the air. I read it helps in preventing SIDS and also is a consistant calming noise that helps him sleep.

-Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer POP
I love the POP wipe warmer and so does Niko. ONly problem is every week you need to remember to wet the sponge that sits at the bottom to keep everything moist.

-Primo Euro Bath- best bath for infant and toddlers. I bought the stand as well which makes bath time way easier!

-Stokke Stroller- Love this stroller. Great quality, easy to manuver and set up. A little hard to close but I need more practice. I never close mine lol.

-Motorola Camera System 3.2 screen

-Gripe Water-
By Mommys Bliss.  Whenever Niko is fussy or has gas I give him some of this Gripe Water and it works instantly.

-Badger sunscreen - all natural sunscreen

-Bug spray-

- Anti pressure pillow- Prevents flat head. I use this in his stroller for walks.

Binkies-  His favorite ones

Teething-  Hylands teething Gel ( so far). We just started teething now. Update to come.

-Favorite clothing for infants
Magnolia Baby
Kissy Kissy
Petit Bateau

-Favorite online store
Alex and Alexa
Childs Play CLothing
John Lewis

My Birth Video

Im so happy Alki took such amazing footage of our experience. I took the footage and edited a video and we are so happy to be able to share the birth of our son with you. PLease click the video or the link below to watch.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. If you have questions or comments please leave below.

My Birth Video -

Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood - finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.


  1. hi jenny , wish u all the best to u and your little baby. U look georgeous :) and so do your little pumpkin :) all the best from slovakia xoxo

  2. Yey! So glad that you're blogging again! I love how humble and kind you are and also love your sense of style! I've followed you throughout your entire pregnancy and am now 8 1/2 pregnant myself due to give birth here in London on 26th October! I was also very fit and am eating super clean and healthy like you so you've really been my inspiration! Good luck with the rest of your recovery and please keep us posted!:)

  3. You had me in tears from the beginning to the end of Niko's birth! What an amazing family. Well done Jennifer and Alki!

  4. Really loved reading this!

    Not a mother myself yet, but it's really warming to read and see how much you love & care for your son & husband.

    Such a great role model for woman and mommies to be :)


  5. How did your breast change? I just did an operation and dont want to have kids in the near time because of that!

  6. CONGRATS on your beautiful family! xoxo

  7. What a wonderful post! You sound like such a great mama! I think all your feelings are natural and it's just a process (the not wanting to share your baby boy). I don't blame you, he's a cutie! I feel you about the body stuff. It's SOOO hard getting back to where you want to be. I gained a lot as well and am having such a hard time losing it and it's almost a year later! yuck! Thanks for sharing and congrats to you and your family!

  8. This is so great! Thank you so much for sharing the most intimate things. You are such a strong person.

  9. Im 38 weeks today and I just want to say how much your blog has helped me get through my pregnancy & that your birthing video brought tears to my eyes. God bless your beautiful family.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your video was so beautiful. It had me very emotional as I am expecting and a little scared for my delivery. You look so brave and so beautiful. I am so happy for your family. Xoxo

  11. So happy you made a blog post about your experience. Im a mom of 2 kids. Each time I hear stories from other moms, it is so heart warming. You are a wonderful mom. You have been doing everything so well. You took great care of yourself during pregnancy and Niko turned out nice and healthy.

    Your tummy will go down soon enough. Just takes a little time. To bad it doesn't change as fast as a boob job like you said lol. That I can relate to.

    Having kids is the best thing ever, and being a mommy is so special. Congrats on the best chapter of life :)

  12. What do you weigh now? And what sort of diet and exercise regime are you following? Xxx

  13. Breathtaking. .Thank you for sharing your Amazing journey..xoxo

  14. Jennifer,

    I know it's been a while since you've had Niko now, but after reading this post I thought I'd congratulate you again. Reading this whole post was very calming, intimate and shows how much of a fantastic mommy you are. Although I am 21 right now and don't have any plans for children yet, your placenta story definitely intruiges me and I have read about the benefits of it... I have a question though, how does placenta smoothie taste? LOL

    Thank you for sharing this with us,

    Greetings from Australia xx

  15. Jenifer , I tried to write you several times on instagram but i encountered
    some kind of problems because my posts never seemed to appear. Anyway,i wanted to tell you that i am only following you for about 4 month (but already real ALL your blog posts , i get a little obsessed when i really like somebody lol) but i wanted you to know that i admire you a lot.
    I do this because ,despite your glossy wealthy life ,you are such a humble person , so honest and a real delight. I find it very rare when people like you are so open and i adore you for that.
    You have a gorgeous little boy and a beautiful family .
    Ypu deserve them,i wish you all the best !
    Kisses !

  16. You are a stunning women and a beautiful mother. Niko is truly blessed. May you enjoy all the laughs, cries and special moments with your family.


  17. Thank you so much for this! I myself just had twins and the csection was the most difficult thing to recover from after 4 previous nature deliveries. (Yes I have 6 kids- with my wonderful Italian husband- I'm Greek-
    Lol) the csection made you feel like you were losing muscle mass and my legs were so swollen with fluid. I gained 40 pounds and lost 36 but my body just feels so different. With twins getting to the gym is impossible but I am determined to take it slow and enjoy this time with these babies! Good luck to you - love your Instagram'

    - Melanie

  18. Hi Jen! This is an amazing post! I wish I knew all of these before I gave birth couple months ago. Still helpful! Im definitely getting some of the products especially the butterfly pillow and gripe water. I am away from my family so this help me a lot since I am a first time mom too.

    Thank you so much Jennifer :)


  19. You are a beautiful person and such an inspiration! It's nice to know someone is going through the same things and situations, it's comforting. You handle everything with grace and I can't wait to watch you & Baby Niko grow! Being a new mommy is amazing isn't it? Xo

  20. Hey Jenn:)Loved to read the Blog (as always!). I have a question for you: What do you do/ plan on doing to get rid of your stretch marks - you mentioned before that you got some on your booty?? Is there a lotion or oil you swear by or will you try laser therapy to remove them as well as your c-section scar? If so which laser would you use? There are a billion different ones and i'm kinda lost! Love, Shayne

  21. Jennifer thanks for posting about your baby and birthing experience. Your video made me cry. I had my second baby via emergency c-section so this really hit home. What a beautiful keepsake! <3

  22. Hi Jennifer, wow this was an amazing post and beautiful video. I am also a mommy. My daughter just turned 2 last july. She is for sure the best that happened to me and my husband.
    Again congratulations on becoming a mommy. You look beautiful as always and your baby Niko is just so adorable.
    Take care and keep in touch

  23. I am so excited that you shared your story. I have been following your journey for a while now and I think your post was great! As a mom of two, 2.5 years and 10 months, it is so comforting to hear you speak the truth about your pregnancy and birth and the road to finding your new self. I can empithize with you on some of your stuggles and I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone with some of my feelings. Thank you for being so candid and I wish you and your beautiful family a lifetime of happiness.

  24. He is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story. You are a wonderful mother :)

  25. Jennifer,

    such a beautiful and honest post, thank you for sharing your experience.

    I live in the US, do you know where I can purchase a Cocoonababy?

  26. Very inspiring, cant wait to be a mother.

  27. I cried my eyes out. I'm speechless!! Big love to your amazing family <3
    You are my biggest inspiration, the most beautiful woman in the whole world.
    Hugs from freezing Finland!!

  28. You are beautiful (in and out) and brave. I adore your ability and willing to share and expose all you've been through- in such honesty and sensitivity. I start following you in instgram when i was 3 months pregnant (after randomly seeing a pic of you at the doctors at the popular page ) ... and now Im entering my third trimester.. Following you was and still so helpful and reassuring ..and I want you to know that. I really hope you can see the amazing influence you can have on others... Keep safe and stay happy and positive!

  29. Jennifer Congratulations I'm so happy for you and Alki. Niko is a beautiful baby! I wish you luck with your diet and exercise, but I must say you're gorgeous at any weight. Thank you for being so honest in your blog. Hope you have a wonderful time with Niko over the coming Holiday season, I can't wait to see pictures!! Love, your fan Melissa

  30. Jennifer your story is amazing! As I've Told you before on IG I had my little guy a week or so after you had Niko! I loved hearing your story as I felt the same way in many situations! I know exactly how you feel about your son being yours! I thought for sure I was selfish, but it's natural. I read that it's hard for a mom to share their child when the child was only theirs for 9+ months! I still to this day have some issues about this, but I'm moving forward.
    Since having my son I became a stay at home mom to make sure I get to spend every second with him, to watch him over come all of his milestones, I love it more than anything! Had u found your blog sooner I would of done placenta pills. I love the bennifits you get from them. I think it's amazing and great that you did that!
    Products I'm using and I am LOVING ARE:
    Mustela- I love their lotion and cradle cap shampoo. My baby doesn't have cradle cap, but unlike niko he doesn't have much hair so I use it more so as a preventive measure. But I love the smell of the product.
    Shea moisture- organic raw shea chamomile & argan oil baby head to toe ointment. I use this a a diaper rash barrier! I love it and he has not had a rash!
    Colic Calm- homeopathic all natural gas relief! I swear by this product as I feel it works very very well.
    I'm using honest diapers.
    Blooming bath- for bath time! He loves it and I think it's very plush and comfortable. Once he out grows this we will transition into his bath room where I'm not sure what we will use. I'm going to look into what your using.
    For teething we are using hummphreys teething tablets dairy free. I also was reading that if you pump some of your breast milk and soak a wash cloth in your milk and freeze it they LOVE to naw and suck on it! I'm going to try it this week!!

    That's about all for now! Thank you for sharing your story. Your am amazing woman and a great mom!! I'm glad I have someone who is going through the same experiences as I am and that you ask the questions on IG I don't ask!
    Thanks again!!
    Have a great week!!


  31. Hi jennifer i just want to say I love the way you describe your experience like mom! Im a new mom too and yes it true babies are the best thing ever!! I love my baby and i eant the best for him !! He is 5 month old hes adorable !! I love your blog hope you can read my comment I a fan from Sonora Mexico!!!!

  32. Love how honest you are about your feelings (especially about weight gain). I Just had a baby 8 months ago and am still trying to lose the weight. Like you I didn't pig out and stayed very active yet I still gained a lot! I can't wait to get my prebaby body back but also have to realize it takes time. I breastfeed too and didn't lose tons of weight like everyone says you do. I have 5-8 lbs to go. You will have your body back too. But I know it's hard to see yourself out of shape : (

  33. Thanks for sharing this most intimate and personal moment with us! It's been so fun and fulfilling being on this journey with you, and especially watching you grow into a mom! It's the most amazing feeling one that's so hard to describe but you have done amazing! Maybe you should write a book ;) I adore you and just love that little Niko! Keep up the great job! Love you guys!

  34. First of all congratulations on the baby.he is soo adorable.i myself had a baby girl in may and reading ur blog reminds me of when I was in labor and how I felt when I met both babies for the first time(I also have a 2 year old).after i had my first daughter in 2011 i was so depressed about all the weight i had gained.i didn't wna go out or be seen in public.but with some exercise i was able to be 120lbs(not my pre baby weight)but it was better than nothing at all.this time around at 143lbs it doesn't bother me that much because i know with time i will lose it.i just want to care for my baby and give her all the love i took me 9 months to put on the is not going .just want to let you know that u r doing a gr8 job raising baby niko(I follow u on instagram) and keep it up.u r beautiful inside out.

  35. Jennifer, you are such an amazing person and con . You are blessed and truly favoured. I love the way you have shared your life with the world. I came across you through some random internet surfing and from that time I have been hooked. I follow you on keek, instagram and check your blog …(I sound like a stalker) LOL. I watched the birth video when your husband posted it through instagram. Its such a beautiful video and very personal too. It’s not like you are showing off because I am sure a lot of people would envy to have the life that you live but then again the world would be boring if we didn’t have jealous and spiteful individuals. From me, I find there is a lot to learn from your personal experiences. You have such a positive aura. I pray you continue to have a life filled with joy, peace and love. I know you will be a great mother to Niko and the other babies to follow. I am now working on having a daughter that will become your future daughter in-law.  Only problem is that I live in southern Africa, hope Niko will find his way down here.

    PS. Stop worrying about your weight and enjoy the moments. You still look super fab!


  36. This is so beautiful! You're a wonderful mom! Baby Niko is absolutely adorable:)
    I was wondering what has been the feeding pattern for baby Niko (how often does he need to eat)? How you and Alki manage to take an adequate sleep especially in the first month?
    Last question - how have you been managing to keep breastfeeding for so long (i saw on your instagram that even after 3 months, you and Niko are going strong with the breastfeeding) ?
    Thank you and God bless you, Niko, and Alki, such a beautiful family :)

  37. I absolutely love it and i definitely feel like i want to keep my baby all to myself

  38. It's been so lovely to follow this journey. Your baby boy is beautiful, as are you inside and out. I lost 45lbs - not baby weight, I was just a chubber! It took me a while but I've kept it off for yonks now, and you will get there.
    My best friend who has since passed away gave birth in the Lindo Wing, they are so lovely there.
    I'm down in London in December, drop me an email if you want to meet for a coupe of champagne at The Connaught - I lived down there for a year and knew no one but my hairdresser!

  39. "Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck."

    Now that's a quote to rival Neruda.

  40. You're such an inspiration to me, I love how deeply in love you are with your baby. I love how your very detailed in everything you do for Niko, how he is now your priority. Thanks for all the updates on all the products you are using. And congratulations to you and your husband for the beautiful family you have created together.

  41. Hi jennifer! Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment and for being honest. I had a horrible labor and not anything that I had planned for and reading what you went through and the disappointment of things not going the way you would hope, sheds a little light. I'm an all natural mama too! I breast fed until my daughter went to solids(which I made fresh every day) and now to cooking her meals has been a great experience. I hope you blog a little more about your workout routines and how you're getting back on shape.

  42. Jennifer! I was waing for blog post for a lot of time! And this one hasnt disappointed me (as always at least!). I follow you on instagram and i think you're amazing! I love seeing thr pics of you.and of your family! I find your posts so.helpful and inspirational,so i want TO thank you! I have a question for you. What did you use for stretch marks? Did those products help you? Thank you beautiful! Thousand of kisses for your little prince from italy! Ciao!

  43. I love reading your blog! I had my son 2 days before you, via c-section as well. I totally understand the feeling of not having control over anything. I feel the exact same way, especially with Julian, I didn't want anyone else to hold him and wanted him all to myself. It will get better! I am so happy I found your blog. It is nice to know other moms feel the same way!


  44. HI Jen,

    So happy for you, Alki and the arrival of your beautiful baby boy Niko! What a stunner he is. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You look amazing and more importantly you seem so in love with your son and family. I cannot wait to see Niko grow. God bless you all and your beautiful family.


  45. I have always appreciated how honest you are. I always look forward to your posts. I know EXACTLY how you feel about not appreciating your ore baby skinny body! I gained 28 lbs w my daughter but I'm really short so it looks like 60 on me. Without sounding creepy, if you ever come back to BH and are willing to workout with another mommy and split he workout cost with your trainer, I would be up for t. I need some serious motivation. My daughter would love to have a play date with Nikko! Lol anyways, thanks for sharing all the TRUTHS about post pregnancy and I wish you all the best! Xoxoxo

  46. Wow!! You are such an inspiration and I love how honest you are about everything. I am not a mom yet but when I have my kids I can only hope to be as great as you Jen :)

  47. Jennifer, you are beautiful inside and out. I love your honesty and you're an incredible role model. -Paige

  48. So Beautiful ... Hi Jennifer, I'm from France and i follow your story for a while, your are an amazing person, a incredible mommy, a beautiful woman and a good wife.
    Your make a very beautiful and strong couple with your husband and i'm so glad to see you happy .. you deserve it so don't put atention on bad reflextion, some peoples are jealous to see the hapiness in the others and it's sad !
    Don't worry about your pounds you beautiful !!!! Your son is so cute, be sure to always protect him to bad things and bad peoples. XX Leila

  49. Jennifer-
    Just read your latest post. Thanks so much for sharing your life. You are inspirational. I wish you guys all the best.
    Ask. Believe. Receive.
    -Kristen from Connecticut

  50. You were beautiful before but now that you are a mommy you are so so so much more.

  51. I watched the video after reading your blog... It brought me to tears, still crying! Thank you for sharing such an amazing and beautiful experience. You're such an amazing woman and inspiration. I just had my son on July 31st and have been following you throughout this journey, this may sound weird but you helped me so much during my pregnancy and after I've had the baby. Thank you so much and God bless you and your gorgeous son and family :)

  52. So beautiful, you are a lovely person and a great mumma. Really enjoy reading your updates x

  53. Beautiful video! I was crying! Made me think of the birth of my daughter. I'm in my 20's and was small and gained the same Amount of weight for my pregnancy it takes time to come off. But you look amazing! Congratulations

  54. Does the video show the doctor doing the actual incisicn or just jennifer and all?

  55. I love your blog, your honesty, your outlook on life and especially motherhood. It is so very refreshing and touching, keep up the great work! You are a beautiful woman inside and out :)

  56. Να σας ζήσει ο Νίκος!! I think you were born to be a wonderful mummy. Niko is lucky!

  57. He's perfect. And you look gorgeous. You and your husband are doing a great job. God bless you.

  58. Hi

    I've been following you for a while on instagram before niko was born. and i have to tell you i rely admire you. you a such a beautiful woman. al those pics of niko have been given me faith because im soon to be a single mother without help of anyone only my mum she is also a singel mum. im 21 years born in Colombia but living now in the Netherlands im now 24weeks. and its been so hard for me because i dint expect to get pregnant. but my baby is welcome with open arms because i love kids they are so cute i can't explain in words. im so scared to have my baby im scared i won't be able to shower him or something else because there so tiny and frigil but I've seen how you been doin with niko and it has make me so happy and now i can't wait to be a mum and go on that beautifull journey and enjoy every little pice of him. also have seen when you recommend products for baby and all that i just bought the wabbanu paccifier and i can't wait to use it its hard to get that kind of stuff here and also im not doing that well on the financial part but i will get there jajaj..just wanted to say thank you for sharing this beautiful story on this blog. im a big fan of you.

    xx cami

    1. Good luck with your baby. You are very brave, I could not imagine doing this alone, it is the hardest thing, and at such a young age too. I waited till my 30s bc you need to be really ready to go through this, and I just wasn't ready before. I give you a ton of credit, you are very brave and strong. Best of luc.

  59. Thanks for sharing Jennifer xxx what an amazing experience x I can't wait for my time xx Niko is just the cutest little boy ever x

  60. Dear Jennifer,
    this blogpost is so amazing! Thank you very much for it!
    Now I finally watched the video of Niko's birth. One of the most touching videos I saw in my entire life!
    He will appreciate it! I send you & your family lots of love! Everything is wonderful!

  61. Hi Jennifer! I love your blog :) I had my son 2 months before you (& breach but late diagnosed so too late for a c sect so had to do it natural eek). I love all of your insta posts as i can relate to what your going through. Your honesty is so refreshing.
    Love from Australia
    Renee xx

  62. You seem to be an amazing mother.. can´t wait to feel the love for my own newborn.. when you get back to london check the they have a shop and it´s too die for(preppy style but soo cute).. I also adore childrensalon for more "exclusive" brands.. I LOVE paulsmith for babies and little Chloé,Missoni and Dior :)

  63. What a lovely video. Brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations! A wonderful journey you have now begun

  64. Just beautiful! Thanks for being so honest! They call the crying on the 3rd day the "baby blues"! It's very common. As for the weight, it will go, don't forget it took you 9 months to put it on! They also say that your body holds onto a bit of extra weight because your breastfeeding! Isn't breastfeeding just amazing?!! Being a mum is an amazing feeling, it's like falling in love all over again! Xx

  65. You're an amazing mum and an inspirational woman, thank you for being honest and writing such comprehensive posts!

    Please could you talk about more books that you're reading to do with pregnancy, child care and in general life!

    Lots of Love,

    Mel from London

  66. OMG you made me remember when my daughters born I also had them with c-section unfortunately on my hospital didnt allowed me to record and with the second baby we forgot the camera LoL before the surgery my mother recommended me not to see videos that I was going to scare so i didnt , but now with your video I see what I couldn't see at that time
    thank you very much for sharing everything and especially the nightmare with the weight lost my daughters are 4 and 2 years and I still cant lose those pounds and sometimes I see other women And honestly made me jealous but that will change ;) i'll put my ass to work ahhh just thinking about that won't make me lose those pounds ;)
    Niko is so handsome and even i dont know you in person im happy for you and i wish the best to all three thank you for sharing this wonderful experience


  67. wow! I loved your blog before & even more so now that I'm a first time mom! my baby's diaper was the first I'd ever changed as well and im 36! you are an inspiring individual & an awesome mom and thank you for sharing you and your family with us.

  68. Thank you for sharing Jennifer! You are truly an inspiration.

  69. Wow that is amazing! I had a similar story to yours and seeing your birth video brought it all back and made me cry like a baby are truly an inspiration ...and u look amazing for 3 months postpartum !!!

  70. Congratulations Jen!!

    I have been following you on Instagram and twitter and you're doing an amazing job as a mum!!

    Baby Niko is gorgeous!!

  71. So sweet. I have an 18 month old & am 3 months pregnant. Reading your blog not only reminded me of my 1st experience, but made me excited all over again for my next baby.

  72. Jennifer, I am so happy for you and your little family. I can relate in the sense that I have not been around many small children or changed a diaper lol, I was just married in March and plan on having a baby with my hubby sometime in the near future and I think everything you are sharing with us will be such an important resource for me and for that I am so grateful, God Bless you, Alki and most of all Niko, he is God's greatest gift to you and we are all so happy and proud to see you being such a beautiful, smart and insightful mommy. Love you!!! (Instagram: cherrylacerezita)

  73. This has been such an amazing experience to have been a part of. You have a beautiful baby boy/family♥. God bless you and your baby and husband., I appreciate all the information and comments you give as well as pictures. I am a true fan of you and follow you! You are such a great mom and congrats on your new bundle of joy he is absolutely gorgeous! ♥♥

  74. I had been waiting for so long to see an update on your blog. Ever since i found you, i anxously wait for new updates. My baby is two months old, all your recommendations, comments, experiences have helped me along the way. You are an awesome mom to baby Niko, truly an inspiration. Please keep us posted and enjoy your baby to the max. much love :)

  75. So glad you finally posted!! You look great and your son is absolutely precious. I wish you all the best...I followed you throughout your pregnancy and I have to say you excite me for the beautiful life I am constructing everyday. Thank you!

  76. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I love how honest you are about your experience. It's so refreshing when we hear a real story as it makes us ordinary women feel better eg. It's ok to lose weight in a healthy way. Its such a pressure when we see celebs back to pre baby weight almost immediately. How is that possible to achieve in a healthy way unless you starve yourself? By the way, you look amazing - even at the size you are now, you look much better t than underweight. Also I really believe in the way you treat your son with love and calmness. I hope to do the same with my future kids. My goal is to quit work a year before I get pregnant because I really believe stress is bad for your baby. Good luck with the rest of your motherhood journey and thanks again for being do generous to share your experiences with your readers (I checked every day the past 3 months hoping your blog would get updated!!! What a treat to read your joyful post today!!)

  77. Hi hun, I loved reading this post, thank you so much for sharing and being so honest! I can totally relate as we are the same age and all your thoughts and concerns about Niko, being a mum and your body are how im sure I will feel when I go through pregnancy for the first time. I know you struggled to reveal your total weight gain figure, but you shouldn't feel embarrassed at all! Most of my friends have gone through the same process as you. I have the same pre pregnancy body as you did, and im sure I will also gain, but seeing how you have handled it all makes me even more excited to embrace becoming a mum and everything that comes with it!! Bless you and your family xx P.S this is the first time I have ever written on any ones blog etc, but I have followed you for a long time and your story has compelled me to share how it has touched me :-)

  78. Hi Jenn I love your blog! I'm interested in buying a cocoonababy for my son who's due in 10 days, problem is I live in the US, what's the fastest way I can get a hold of one?

  79. Ur story is just amazing ☆☆ ur a beautiful person on the inside and out!

    I love how u chose to do so many things on ur own instead of having ur nanny do them! Stay blessed!
    P.s update the cover picture of ur website/blog it says wife, mommy to be, buisness owner still!

  80. What a beautiful experience you've shared with us. I've been following you all of the way on twitter and instagram.

    I find this very helpful as my husband and I are at the stage where we are preparing to start trying for a baby (looking for a bigger home, saving for the cost of the baby so that I can take a year off of work etc).

    It seems really silly and selfish, but the thing I am most scared of is how my body will change/weight gain etc as I've always been pretty slim and fit but have to work hard at it. I feel as prepared as I can be for my life totally changing, getting little sleep and a little person being totally dependent on me BUT I cannot get past the body change issue.
    I have pale (bluish pink) Irish skin and have stretch marks from growing, so I know that pregnancy will take it's toll on my skin too.

    Thank you for sharing your post baby body photo's (you look so young and amazing in them!) as these give realistic expectations for someone who was superfit before pregnancy. I look forward to more updates of your body evolving over time.


    1. I am pregnant now too and always prided myself on being super tiny and small. People always pointed out how small i was, how lucky I was because of it, like what I was known for. I was afraid about my body changing too so much so that I never planned on becoming pregnant. I got pregnant by surprise, and although I am happy, the body changes have been the hardest thing to go through - just a warning. I look at myself but it doesn't look like me and I don't feel like myself. Luckily I am in my 30s now and at a better mental place where I can realize that these changes are worth it, and having a baby is more important to me than having a nice body. Half the time I actually start to believe it. But I do love my baby more than and am very willing to give him my body but going through these changes and seeing their effects has been absolutely awful, just as bad or worse than i imagined. I pray some day I will be back to the same small petite figure I use to have.

  81. My dear Jennifer...I just saw the video from the birth of baby Niko..I cried throughout the whole video was so touching...not only the fact that he was born but also your expressions made me cry.You are a great mother..everybody can see that..I hope that you are happy and don't worry about the feelings that you's natural to want him only for yourself..don't forget that you are connected in a way that nobody can understand..I wish he is always happy, healthy and have you and his father on his side to saw him how much loved he is...
    PS.I hope my comment makes sense..I am from Greece and my english are not so good..but I just wanted to tell you all that I felt during the video.

  82. Hello :)
    I waited this post so long... and finally you did it!
    Oh... i can't describe my feelings! It's so amazing!
    Your video makes me cry... so beautiful...
    You are a wonderful woman, you are an inspiration for me:)
    Thank you for sharing so much!

    Your blog helps me to be more confident, more kindly, more womanly

    Wish you and your family all the best! :)

  83. I am so happy to see an update, yay! Had to laugh a bit when you said you were so busy with nursing, eating and sleeping... Talk about rich privilege! Other mums have to take care of a house, other kids, sometimes even go back to work, without any help (and sometimes even without a husband!) and they still manage. But not being critical, I know you are a humble person and it's sometimes hard to see your own privilege.
    I hope you will be able to update a bit more regularly again, I love your blog! :-)

  84. Such a great story, little Niko is very loved by his mama. The little shirt he wears with the cartoon tie is the cutest thing so precious

  85. Jennifer,
    So happy you were finally able to take some time and update us on your new life as a mom. I'm going to echo a lot of what has already been said to you on your twitter feeds (Nope, I still don’t have a twitter account) You look positively radiant and in good health since you gave birth to Niko. I always thought you were one of the prettiest girls on the planet, but honestly, a few extra pounds on your frame has done wonders for your face. You look younger & beautiful if that could be more possible. There is a reason you have as many followers as you do, Jennifer. You are relatable, kind-hearted, with a sweet disposition. Enjoy motherhood, take your time with getting your pre-baby body back, know that you are loved and admired by many, and just keep on doing what you do. You truly fuckin’ rock, girl! Also, hope to see a fall picture of Niko with his pottery barn tiger striped stroller blanket. : ) Best regards and tons of good vibes from Boston.
    Maria B.

  86. The video of you giving birth was absolutely beautiful. It actually made me cry. Congratulations. Such a beautiful family. All the best!

  87. So amazing of you to share such a personal experience with others. That video was so beautiful and it is amazing to have that for the rest of your life and be able to show Niko when he is older. I needed to grab kleenex because I was crying so much, lol. That truly was so amazing. You, Alki and Niko are the perfect family ! So sweet I loved all of the things and how you wanted to do everything as natural as possible. But, just like your last post says. "You want to make God laugh,tell him your plans". I have always believed that. Whats meant to be will be and I think everything happened wonderfully and beautifully. God bless you Niko and Alki always !

  88. Jen i really love hearing about Niko's birth and all the emotions your going through. I was only a little disappointed that you only share the same photos we already see on Instgram and that you post baby body photos aren't even recent :( Sorry for my english and I do love your blog and your little family I just wish you would show more of your weight loss process